Perseverance #1

Perseverance: continuing resolutely despite obstacles, opposition, importunity. Tenacity.
From the Latin perseverare: per- through + severus severe

Some topics deserve more than one take. Like perseverance. Since it is my Achilles heel I’ll probably need more than one go at it.

Perseverance is what gets things done in this world.  I believe it’s one of the world’s Seven Virtues.

In her memoir, Opposite of Fate, Amy Tan describes what happened after the wildly successful Joy Luck Club was published. All her writer friends began warning her of the Horrors of the Second Book, and how she might as well just toss it now because it would get lousy reviews when compared to her First Book, the Best-Seller.

Despite the stress and various physical ailments she kept writing – beginning not one Second Book but about five of them. She’d write between 30 and 70 pages before realizing she’d hit a dead end, so she’d begin a new and different book. Over and over. Finally she got a character she liked and wrote 100 pages… but then she realized the real story began on page 98 so she tossed all but the last two. This happened more than once.

Then she developed a devastating case of Lyme disease, which went undiagnosed for months and months, causing memory loss, headaches, fevers, pains, you name it. Her mother got Alzheimer’s and died. Through all this she kept on writing.

What is MY problem?

I wimp out so fast – at the littlest bump in the path. If it’s too hard, too undefined, too remote, forget it. I’ve got more immediate things to do.   Write a book?

I suddenly remembered a dentist appointment.

Was that a dust bunny under the bed? I’d better vacuum.

Wouldn’t the bathroom look better with yellow towels? They’re on sale at Macy’s…