I know I said I’d only be using P-words on this blog that were of the voiceless bilabial plosive sort, and that I would eschew fake P-words that sounded like F, N, S, or T, but today I must break that rule.

My workhorse computer, “Big Mama,” came down with the phlu yesterday – totally phucked up – and I’ve spent most of the past two days trying to restore her health. Windows won’t come up, but tries in so many peculiar ways that I now think it’s the hard drive. I am tech savy enough that usually I can fix such glitches, but this one just got worse and worse. I went so far as to call in a mobile tech I called who was also baffled. And I’m $140 poorer. So far.

And OF COURSE I HAVEN’T BACKED UP my most important files in a couple of weeks… so I stand to lose a lot of data if I have to reformat (or get a new drive). Monday I’ll have to find a shop with a good bench to see if they can at least get those important files off. THEN I have to do the unbelievably noxious task of reinstalling programs on a new drive.

Pshit! (The P is silent.)


4 responses to “PHUCK!!!

  1. I’m phired up, phlaming mad. Is this a message from the universe telling me not to be so attached to pthings? A computer, in particular…

  2. Poo.

    Sorry to hear that. Made for a good post though.

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