Partial truth

In yoga we are looking at the Sanskrit term “Satya”, which means being truthful, both to oneself and others. It’s interesting how we see in ourselves only the truths that we want to see. Partial truth.

The partial truth is that my income has been severely reduced since my husband and I separated in 2001. This is the truth I wanted to see when it came time to re-up my annual pledge of financial support to the church where I belong.

In the Unitarian tradition we do not tithe the way many Christian denominations do, giving 10% of income to the church. However, as a spiritual practice I (and many other UUs) tithe by donating 5% of income to the church and 5% to various other causes.

So this week I looked at my tax return and said to myself, “You poor poor thing. You’d better reduce your pledge this year.” I gave myself a list of very reasonable reasons for this line of thinking.

Meanwhile, to the rest of the truth:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a projector? It would be very handy for doing certain kinds of presentations, and of course I could use it as a bigger screen for watching rented movies. Heck, prices had dropped significantly and you can get an excellent one these days for less than a thousand bucks!

I should pop by Costco tomorrow and check it out.

Oops. If I could afford a projector, could I not afford to maintain my pledge level?

The whole truth is that while my income is down, I do have savings. The whole truth is that a projector sounds like a lot more fun than giving the money away. The whole truth is that I made a commitment to myself to be generous, regardless of the pain.

Damn satya anyway.

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