Perfection vs. Imperfection

I took these two photos about 20 feet apart in my back yard.

On the one hand, Gold Medal, a rose so perfect I want to weep looking at it.
And then a patch of weeds (one of many) so rampant I want to weep – in horror.

This is the face of nature. This is my life. Some parts so perfectly in order, others totally out of control.

I crave beauty, and both my yard and home have truly lovely sections. But both the yard and the house are too big for a single woman to keep up without significant help. Twice a year I spring for a major yard cleanup (the spring one coming up this week – YAY!) and three guys come in and do in one day what it would take me weeks to handle. The rest is up to me.

In this climate at this time of year, the weeds grow and proliferate at breathtaking speed. Once again I have to remember to apply the fifteen minute rule. Set the timer and just get out and work in an area for fifteen minutes. I tell my feng shui clients that it’s amazing what you can get done in just fifteen minutes – but I don’t always listen to my own wisdom…

In my non-gardening life, I’m great at starting projects, but maintaining them is something else. I have too many great ideas and not enough time, energy or money to take care of them in an on-going way. A few of them I go at full tilt and the result is pretty good (not quite perfection, but as close as I’ll probably get). A multitude of other projects showcase my imperfections – skeletal remains litter my workroom and lurk in the dusty corners of my crowded brain.

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