Persistence: like poison ivy?

Persist: to be obstinately repetitious, insistent, or tenacious in some activity, and
Persistent: refusing to give up, enduring

from Latin persistere to take a stand, stand firm

Persistence, by definition, is quite similar to perseverance. However, perseverance has a noble quality. Joe, who rescued me from a weed jungle a couple of days ago – he’s now my role model for perseverance.

Persistence is more like something that won’t go away, even when you everything in your power to eradicate it. Poison ivy. AIDs. Hunger. Bronchitis. A pesky toddler who wants you buy candy, wants you to buy candy, wants you to buy candy, and throws a hissy fit if you leave the store without caving.

At first I admired Hillary Clinton for persevering. But in the last couple of months she moved over into the persistence category. Even in exiting she persists! She could have conceded graciously Tuesday night, but no. And now that she says she will, she says she’ll do it on SATURDAY.

She is her own worst enemy!

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