Peony plus = perfection

Peony ‘Krinkle White’. Rose ‘Just Joey’. Now why can these blooms stay like this forever?

Oh, and they’re both fragrant.

Update: On Prairie Home Companion this weekend, Garrison Keillor mentioned peonies in his news from Lake Wobegon.  Something like: ” having a bouquet of peonies is like inviting a Las Vegas showgirl into your living room. They’re always surprising to find in a Christian home.”

I don’t have a Christian home, but peonies ARE outrageous and I welcome them.

2 responses to “Peony plus = perfection

  1. They’re fleeting existence is what makes ’em special.

  2. Ain’t it the truth. Like one’s own precious life. Knowing it will end at some point – later or sooner – is what compels you to make a dent in the world with your presence.