Politics – Jefferson Jackson Dinner

All good local Democrats should go to the annual event named in most areas of the country “Jefferson Jackson” dinner (or BBQ or party or picnic). We try to gather all committed Democrats in one big space to eat, drink, schmooze, raise money and of course listen to politicians speak.

Last night we had to turn folks away after we hit 700.

I co-chaired the auction procurement committee in 2006 and 2007 which nearly killed me. This year I did NOTHING but attend. What a relief. We are auctioned out here in Clark County and I would just as soon never attend another one.

We never know for sure till the last minute who the national level speakers will be because stuff comes up for a vote back in DC or there’s some disaster that must be dealt with. But last night we had Congressman Brian Baird, who introduced our extremely capable Governor, Christine Gregoire.

Baird was heckled by a couple of screaming women as soon as he stood up. He’s a bright man who usually votes with progressives, but he’s voted for some pretty stupid things in recent years – the bankruptcy bill, last week for the FISA bill, and last fall to support sending more troops to Iraq. This last one created a HUGE stir from his Democratic constituents locally. We still haven’t forgotten – and he may find himself with competition in the next cycle.

Gregoire comes down to SW Washington significantly more often during election season… But she’s been good for the state. Education, veterans benefits, transportation, health care for kids. Still, she talked too long, too many platitudes.

Party is over – now we have to knuckle down and start pounding the pavements for candidates again.


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