Pill Pates leaves Picrosoft

OK. I am cheating. I couldn’t think of any appropriate P-word to describe Bill Gates’ departure from the helm of Microsoft.

I’ve been following him and his company since the early 1980s. I bought my first computer in 1980, a Vector Graphics with 1 floppy drive (48k!) and 48k RAM. Yes. kilobytes. This puppy ran the CP/M operating system and did all sorts of amazing things with very little.

Then Mr. Gates bought CP/M and transmogrified it into MS-DOS, which we CP/M users thought was a trainwreck. Some still feel that the numbers of cars in the trainwreck just increase with each new release of Windows, but that’s a topic for another day.

Gates made jillions of dollars, and I for one am glad that I bought a little stock in the 80s. It’s kept me off the streets.

Over the years, he has softened (Melinda’s influence? lower testosterone levels? simple maturity?) and is now the most powerful and generous philanthropist known.

He also seems to have developed a sense of humor about himself. This is the farewell video, which I think is totally hilarious.


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