Partner: a person associated with another or others in some activity of common interest (business, sport, relationship); spouse; colleague

Partnership: the state of being a partner; an agreement entered into by two or more people in which each agrees to furnish a part of the capital and labor, and by which each shares in some fixed proportion in profits or losses.

I am smart, capable and self-reliant. I can get stuff done. I can amuse myself for long stretches of time and even laugh at my own jokes.

This is all well and good, but some things are just better with a partner. Sex is one obvious example. Conversation takes two (unless you prefer the nattering of your own inner voices). Tango takes two.  Hanging pictures takes two.

When you’re trying to bring an idea into physicality, nothing beats working on it with one or more partners. Each of us brings a unique perspective, sees different possibilities, imagines fresh solutions when we’re stuck. Working with someone else keeps each of you accountable and on track, and is there to acknowledge milestones along the way.  (Nice job!! pat pat…)

I sometimes wonder, when I’m pulling weeds or pruning a shrub, what the point of my effort is if I’m the only one to see the progress.  Ditto when I’m cooking dinner. Ideally I’d have a partner along side me to share both the effort and the rewards.

Who likes to go to the movies or a concert or a restaurant alone???? Or tell a joke to thin air?

I rest my case.

After six years of singledom, I’m ready for a partner.  Bring him on!

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