Potting and perseverance

I have two large ceramic pots flanking the steps to my front door. A month ago my ex extricated the two strappy plants that had filled the pots with their roots over the past four years.

Since the pots had smaller openings than the main body, this was not a simple matter of yanking the plants out or overturning the pots to dump them out. It required surgery. Careful hacking and lots of patience.  I would have given up and tossed everything.  But that’s not my ex’s nature. He perseveres.

So then I had two empy pots.   They sat there for a couple of weeks while I recovered from watching my ex work so hard.

Eventually I bought some fresh potting soil and some new plants.  But then it got really hot – and plants don’t like being transplanted when it’s really hot. I’m not keen on working in the heat either.

Finally the stars were in alignment and the weather had cooled. Time to piss or pot.

The potting soil came out of the bags as dry as dust. It took a couple of hours to get it properly mixed and rehydrated. I mixed it in a giant plastic laundry tub with intermittent doses of water,  hydrophilic plastic bits,  and Osmocote timed release fertilizer.

I got filthy, sweaty, and impatient. This took WAY longer than I had expected. And it took way more potting mix too, because once the water had been absorbed the dirt volume shrank by about half and the pots turned out to be bottomless. I wanted to quit and do something fun, like cleaning toilets.  As I’ve said before, perseverance is a virtue I’m still seeking. (In fact this is my fourth post on perseverance – at least I persevere talking about perseverance!)

But I finished the job. The plants still look puny and pathetic, but my virtue is restored.

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