Perseverance #4 – a motivational parable

* At the annual sales meeting of a large corporation, the motivational speaker talked about the importance of persevering, despite obstacles.

He asked the crowd, “Did the Wright brothers ever quit?”

“NO!” the crowd answered.

“Did Helen Keller ever quit?”

“NO!” the crowd answered.

“Did Lance Armstrong ever quit?”

“NO!” they yelled, really getting into it.

“Did Thorndike McKester ever quit?”

The crowd fell silent. Finally one man near the front raised his hand and asked, “Who is Thorndike McKester?? We’ve never heard of him.”

The speaker snapped back, “Of course you’ve never heard of him; that’s because he quit!”

OK. That’s a silly story, which actually neglects the most important point. We don’t persevere to become well known; we persevere to accomplish something that is important to us.

Don’t expect you’ll be famous if you keep on keeping on – unless your goal is merely to become famous – which I say is a pity.

* Story adapted from one in the current Toastmasters Magazine

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2 responses to “Perseverance #4 – a motivational parable

  1. I hope that you practise perpetual persistence with purposeful patient perseverance and prosperously prolong your progress

  2. I’m practicing plenty patiently, but prosperity persists in eluding me…