PocketMod, planner for a pauper’s pocket

Found the coolest little portable pocket planner. Write your notes on it, stuff it in your pocket and toss when done. It’s called the PocketMod.

It’s an easy do-it-yourself – where you add the mini-pages that suit your planning needs then print it, fold it. It’s a bit of an origami puzzle till you get the hang of it… – make sure you print out the assembly instructions on one of your demos so you can review the process offline.

4 responses to “PocketMod, planner for a pauper’s pocket

  1. what a neat little thing. I printed one off, and had great fun folding it. just found your blog not too long ago, and now can’t remember what brought me here, but am delighted to have found you.

  2. I’m glad you tried it. I had to reprint the instructions to refresh my memory on the folding.

    And I’m glad you found 365 P-words. Do you have a favorite P-word?

  3. favorite p-word: persnickety. I like the way it sounds.
    favorite word of all: defenestration
    not that I like the thought of actually throwing someone or something out the window; but the thought that someone, sometime decided that this action deserved it’s own special word.
    pandemonium’s a good word, have you used that yet?

  4. I have persnickety on my “to do” list, as well as pandemonium… but need to move them farther up. Do you have thoughts on either one to share??

    Defenestration is extremely evocative… (wish it were a p-word). It’s what I would like to do to the current administration, especially if it were the window of a very tall building.

    At Toastmasters the job of the grammarian is to introduce a word for members to use during the meeting. I’ve got that role Wednesday; I shall borrow defenestration… thanks.