Play! Prescription for the puritan soul

Like many introverts, I take life pretty seriously.  What I do must be purposeful, practical, productive.

Or so my inner critic likes to remind me.

It’s only now that I’m “of a certain age” I realize life’s way too short not to play.  So in recent years I’ve joined Toastmasters, taken up swing dancing, learned to yodel, tried my hand at improv comedy, beefed up my blues guitar chops, and in general decided it’s OK to enjoy making a fool of myself.

This morning, thanks to a comment from Scatterbrain who blogs at, I found a link to an article about the SF Regional Air Guitar contest that took place last week.

Talk about purposeless play! You have to watch the video (the larger image, please) of the winner Alex Koll (stage name: Awesome Shred Begley, Jr.) explaining and demonstrating his extraordinary talents at Air Guitar.

Now this guy puts his heart and soul, body and hair into PLAY!

2 responses to “Play! Prescription for the puritan soul

  1. Perfect! Pleased you popped over to have at Alex Koll playing – my entire blog is precisely, me trying to play with what life presents us with.

    Particularly pleased that you mentioned me – a pleasant, pleasurable surprise.:smile:

  2. I thought Alex Koll was totally hilarious.

    I’m thinking I should quit the wood and metal reality guitar in favor of pure air.

    Easier to keep in tune, for sure.