Public speaking prowess: a liability for Obama??

Prowess: superior skill or ability

“I listened to part of his acceptance speech, but I don’t much care for him;
he speaks too well.”

That’s what one of my relatives said today of Obama’s speech. And she’s a Democrat.

He speaks too well.

What has America come to, that it’s a bad thing when someone as thoughtful and articulate as Obama “speaks too well”?   Have we become that cynical?

Many politicians can deliver an effective speech – even if they have shit for brains – IF they’ve got skillful speech-writers crafting their words.

But Obama is that rare bird who actually writes his own speeches.
You simply cannot write a speech like that without having a well-educated, orderly, creative AND rational mind. His powerful delivery is a plus…
but the ideas came first.

The man can actually think!

America desperately needs a leader with a well-educated, orderly, creative and rational mind – one who doesn’t depend on speech-writers to get the message right.

The job of President requires a person who thinks and expresses himself clearly.  We’ve had eight years of monumentally muddled thinking and garbled speaking.  McCain is another shoot-from-the-hip quipper, with a loose grip on his facts and his memory.


4 responses to “Public speaking prowess: a liability for Obama??

  1. Barack Obama will make a fine president should he be elected. And if I can help it by singing his praises at every opportunity, he will be elected. Thank the Universe that he can write and deliver a well crafted speech! We have had eight years of sloppily delivered as well as nasty minded material and could have four more years of the same BS if McCain should be elected.
    Speaking is not the only criteria for a president (though it helps) but reasoned thought is. We cannot have anymore simple minded, ill conceived, power hungry Republican agenda in the future. Keep talking, Girl. You’re doing fine! MES

  2. I’m hoping the McCain/Palin ticket self-destructs of its own idiocy. But never misunderestimate the idiocy of the American public.

  3. Zach Ratcliffe

    I find that the ability to speak in an educated manner is one of the most influential and useful tools in obtaining and harnessing political power. However, sometimes this energy, this vibrancy we feel radiating from his speeches can cause some to close their hearts to what he has to say. That may simply be ignorance. But it could be something more on the psychological level. Its a kind of fear, Hitler after all was probably one of the greatest public speakers in history. Just because his speech is good doesn’t justify total faith in his preach. Overall I like Obama, I find him to be a very charismatic leader, but when it comes to hailing a leader, my mind is bent overall. Personally, I’m Libertarian, but if I had to join sides it would be the Democrats. I would not be so quick to put faith in words alone. After all, Germany has had first hand experience with that blind faith.

    But I truly do love your article.

  4. Of course words, like clothes, do no make the man. But when we’ve suffered for 8 years with a man who cannot speak, and can’t even think straight, and we’re offered another Republican candidate cut from the same thoughtless cloth, the choice seems clear to me.

    Pick the man who can think AND speak. Obama.