Palin: Pretty, premature, precipitate, precarious pick

Premature: adj. too hurried and impulsive, born after too short a gestation period

Precipitate or precipitous: adj. acting with excessive impulse; lacking due deliberation

Precarious: adj. dangerously lacking in security or stability

When it’s possible that your vice-president might, by circumstance, suddenly become President, you’d think that a wise presidential candidate would make a very careful choice of running mate. You would want him/ her not only to be knowledgeable of international affairs, but also to have a clean past which you would thoroughly investigate before making your choice.

Not John McCain.

His choice for VP proves his lack of judgment: it was a premature, precipitate and precarious pick. He has not only chosen someone with only 20 months of governing experience above the village level, he has chosen someone that he and his team never bothered to vet!

Oh, he sort of knew Sarah Palin was in a legal pickle over the firing of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan but probably figured that it would get swept under the rug the way so many Republican scandals do.

What is mind-boggling is that nobody on his staff ever bothered to go to the newspaper in her home town of Wasilla and see what the locals were saying. The Valley Frontiersman has no online archive so the only way to do the research is on site. (The Anchorage Daily News already has plenty dirt.)

Three days AFTER picking Palin, McCain sends 8 staffers to Wasilla to check her out.

Even if they turn up NOTHING unsavory (they wish!) is this the way a President McCain would conduct the business of the United States? Act NOW, think LATER.

The implications are ominous.

2 responses to “Palin: Pretty, premature, precipitate, precarious pick

  1. It surprises my co-workers when I mention this, as they see me as a raging feminist/liberal, and it doesn’t seem to jive with their idea of what that means. I think all humans: male or female, have a right to make their own life choices. But I also believe that with that right to choose comes the responsibility to accept the consequences of that choice. And that in this case, once Sarah Palin made the decision to carry to term a Downs Syndrome baby, she should making the care of that baby her primary consideration. That she should be fully engaged in that baby’s life and education. And that the role of VP of the United States is not going to allow her to fulfill that function. Governor of Alaska? Maybe. Only 600,000 people to worry about. No real need to fly about the world. But Vice President of the United States? Even a completely healthy 4month old baby would be a distraction. So, does this make me not a true feminist? I’m curious as to what you think about it.
    (And if it is her baby, she did show considerable lack of judgement in flying home instead of going directly to a hospital: and (yea, I know this is going to sound really elitist) but do we really want a Husband Of VP who makes such statements as “Can’t have a fish picker not born in Alaska”?

  2. Evidently the baby IS Palin’s – because it turns out the daughter Bristol is NOW pregnant. Abstinence only works so well…

    I agree – when you have a 4 month old baby, especially one with a congenital problem – you don’t gallivant around the country on a campaign.