Palin Pregnancy: poster child for “abstinence only”?

For awhile rumors flew that the Palin’s fifth child was actually their 17-year-old daughter Bristol’s. But now we learn that Bristol is five months pregnant herself, which lays the first story to rest, but brings up another:

Abstinence only.

It worked so well for Bristol. So now there will be a shot gun wedding. The family will be lauded for their support of their wayward daughter and for accepting the new challenges “God” has brought into their lives.

Those who like their women pregnant and barefoot will applaud this whole charade. Meanwhile those who believe public policy should give women control over their own bodies just suffered another blow.

Maybe Bristol’s marriage will work out. Occasionally the high school flame is good for life. Mostly not though. And many kids who become pregnant because they were “abstinent” have no family support or understanding.

Here’s another question: do we want a vice-president who’s in the middle of two family dramas – rearing a baby with Down Syndrome, and dealing with a pregnant teen?  Just getting up to speed on foreign policy should be filling Palin’s every waking hour from now till she loses the election.

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  1. Nice, McCain. What kind of soldier uses a pregnant 17-year-old girl as a political shield? You knew what this was going to do, how it would divert attention away from your policies. You are throwing Bristol under the bus.

  2. Interesting perspective, Lucas! I can’t believe voters would rather have a VP whose only significant “qualification” is her firm stand opposing abortion. How will that play when trying to make foreign policy? Environmental policy? etc

  3. This is exactly the right context you are putting this in. It’s anecdotal evidence for something on which the scientific evidence from many careful studies has long been in: Abstince only education is counterproductive, having not only no effect in reducing teen pregnancies but is actually increasing its frequency.

  4. Thanks Juugernaut! I am waiting to see how the American public interprets this. And women.

    When so much is at stake in this election (and so many crucial national, international and global issues, it’s a travesty to be side-tracked by a cheap family soap opera.

  5. While I don’t think anyone should be talking bad about Bristol herself, I DO think that people should really start questioning Palin, and in turn, McCain… Palin supports Abstinence only, huh? Well that clearly worked will, didn’t it?
    And Bristol has “made the decision” to have the child? Well, good for her, but I thought women weren’t qualified to make such decisions. So Bristol gets to make the choice, but its wrong for the rest of us to make the choice that is correct for US? So… its only acceptable to make choices that Christians approve of? Do Christians also approve of Palin’s lust for public office overshadowing her commitment to her children? I mean, she’s basically tossed poor Bristol to the wolves, and no one mentions that her special needs child won’t be getting the attention he truly needs and deserves if she is busy learning “what exactly a vice president does every day.” So, this is what Christian family values are all about? Not in my family they aren’t. Being pro-choice isn’t about pro-death, its about being pro-privacy and anti-theocracy.

    Why can’t people see the contradictions here? This isn’t about poor Bristol, leave the girl alone, she’s got enough going on. Focus on Palin, don’t allow her tossing Bristol under the bus to distract you from the real issues here.

  6. I’ve been reading the Republican blogs about Palin and they are no happier than the Dems with Palin. Those that like her seem to be talking about the Sarah Palin they imagine rather than the person she is. They are doomed to wake up when the whiskey has worn off to the real fiasco in their bed.
    Even before she was the VP position on the McCain ticket there was a rumor that Bristol had the 5th child and Palin faked her pregnancy to cover up for her daughter’s indiscretion. It is a matter of fact that Palin pulled her daughter out of school for 4 months because of “mono.” But photo reveal Bristol was fit and healthy during that time and gaining weight, which doesn’t happen with mono, plus Palin was photographed for Vogue in a swimsuit just one month before she announced that she was seven month pregnant! This was a shock to everyone that she worked with.
    If Bristol was healthy enough to gain weight then she couldn’t have been sick enough to skip school. If she really was sick last spring and is pregnant now, then what was she doing fooling around with a high school hockey player while suffering from a highly contagious disease? Something doesn’t add up.
    What about Sarah flying back to Alaska after her water broke indicating that she was about to go into premature labor with a high-risk pregnancy. Why take the risk of traveling over 3,400 miles when it would have been more prudent to fly her husband and family to her while she checked into a nearby hospital. Was it just for political reasons that she decided it wouldn’t look good if she delivered out-of-state or could it have been that the subterfuge/baby-swap had to be made as planned in Alaska?
    If there was no subterfuge and Trig is her own true child then she let her ambition put her political needs ahead of those of her unborn child. This baby-swap rumor, even if false, must have devastated their family and been especially painful for Bristol. Can you imagine how the parents reacted to hearing that their 17-year-old, unmarried daughter who had just suffered one false rumor was now really pregnant! Proud is not the word that leaps to mind. Angry, betrayed, guilty perhaps, but not proud!
    Real Christian families make decisions and sacrifices for their children, and sometimes that means not taking a promotion if it will harm the kids. It’s not like Sarah Palin had to take the job, she already has a great job. Its not like she is too old and won’t ever have such an opportunity again. She could have taken a pass. Biden commuted to Washington for years so he could be at home to raise his kids after the death of his first wife, even though it meant sacrificing many political advantages. He’s in his 60’s so she has twenty more years of opportunites. Why did she grab this one, at this time, when her newborn, handicapped son, and pregnant daughter, and the State of Alaska, need her more?
    If the Republicans think that we are going to “fall in love with her family and her story,” they have another think coming.

  7. Thanks Gael. Honestly I still wonder about the Trig pregnancy – it was pretty dang peculiar.

    Would you be surprised if suddenly Bristol has a miscarriage? Then we’ll never know how far along she actually was, but the story of Trig will have been successfully killed.

    Regardless, as you point out, her commitment to political ambition seems stronger than her commitment to the needs of her family.

  8. Many for-Abstinence Only Education will debate any studies pointing to negative results and so it becomes hard to examine the question.

    What does stand out is comparing the USA to the other contries. Our tenn pregnancy rate is 84 per 1000. The UK is 54, the rest of Europe is 16 to 25 per 1000. In those countries they teach sex-ed and provide birth control.

  9. Tom, your point about our teen pregnancy rate being shockingly high compared to other industrialized nations is spot on. I feel another P word coming on: pregnancy!

    Thanks for stopping by; come again.