President Palin: a petrifying picture

President: n. the chief executive of a republic. In America, the leader who speaks for the country to the rest of the world, who sets the vision and agenda for the country during his/her administration, and who in time of war is commandeer-in-chief of the military

Petrify: v. to stun or paralyze with terror; to turn to stone

Tonight I watched Rudy Guiliani and Sarah Palin toss out great chunks of raw red meat to the ravenous beasts at the Republican National Convention.  If they were aiming to move the country beyond the bitter partisanship (thank you George and Karl) of the previous eight years, they failed miserably.

Instead they did what the GOP does best: insinuate, distort, lie, fear-monger, mock and ridicule their opponents.  Their moral values remain stuck on the pages of their bibles.

The crowd ate it up.  Blood! War! USA USA USA!  Drill Baby Drill! (ravenous for oil as well as red meat) and Country First (their motto).

I tried to imagine Palin as President – because if McCain is elected that’s a distinct possibility. The thought petrified me.  She’s like the popular cheerleader in high school on whose good side you PRAYED to stay, because if you displeased her she could and would ruin you.  The smiling church lady with her finger on the nukular button.

She said nothing that indicated any understanding of the real issues of the political office(s) she’s running for – instead she alternated between between being adorably (wrinkle nose here) apple pie Mom — gushing over McCain and totally trashing Obama.  Matters of global importance don’t seem to matter to this crowd. What we’re supposed to know about her is that she’s a pit bull with lipstick.

[Despite being sick sick sick of this Palin person, I feel another post coming on – about pugnacity and pit bulls – tune in tomorrow.]

Perhaps the ugliest among many ugly moments was when she mocked Obama for being a….. community organizer! (Guiliani did too. Now there’s a vicious man…).

Billmon on DailyKos believes it was a racist slur:

The words themselves have generally positive connotations, particularly that first one: everybody is in favor of “community” (as long as its their community).

It essentially was a coded way of pointing out Obama’s work in, with and for the black community on the South Side of Chicago. Also the fact that his work involved helping low-income people stand up for their legal rights, as opposed to a GOP-sanctioned “real” job like business owner or career military officer (or moose hunter.) They were trying to put Obama back on the same level as Jesse Jackson — i.e., the black protest candidate — and mocking him for it.

To cut right to the nasty, they were using “community organizer” as a euphemism for “poverty pimp.”

It’s pitting black against white, urban against rural and even establishment against outside the establishment.  She was a mayor (establishment) while he was organizing a community (outside the establishment.

And, as a special bonus, to a GOP audience (country club division, at least) organizer = union. What could be worse than a black, radical activist union organizer from the South Side of the Chicago?

Which is exactly the point, I think. Used the way the GOP speakers used the words tonight (i.e. with a sneer), community = ghetto and organizer = activist.

Comment from David Kroning:

Palin is the white frontier woman coming back to rescue America from the brown menace. This is classic Rove culture war.

Now SOME people actually think that service to the community – helping folks create a better lives for themselves –  is a higher calling than shooting up the enemy in the military…   After law school Obama chose community service over making mega-bucks at a high-tone Wall Street firm. Since when is choosing to care for your fellow man over making money something that deserves mockery???

What is clear to me is that Palin is a dirty fighter and she’s not going to slink off into the night. She will be more formidable than John McCain because of her willingness to lie and slander with a big smile and no shame.

What can you do?   Go down to your local Democratic headquarters and volunteer. And send Obama some money today, to prove that we support him 100%


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