Ploy: pathetic use of props to persuade us

Ploy: n. a strategem or artifice to obtain an advantage over one’s opponent.

Prop: n.  item used on stage to add to the illusion

The Republican National Convention planners have no shame – and low competence.

First, they used a video of the collapsing twin towers (and the terrified people jumping out windows) as a ploy to strike fear in viewers hearts, wanting us to make the connection that only Republicans can keep us safe.

Then, hoping to remind us of the sacrifices of our soldiers in Iraq , they intended to use a picture of  Walter Reed Medical Center behind McCain. Except the idiots getting the photos chose a middle school in California named Walter Reed instead.

Doesn’t GOP competence make you feel more confident???  And McCain didn’t even vote for veteran’s medical benefits. Chutzpah!

Realizing they are way behind in representation of people of color in the GOP (2% of conventioneers were black, compared to 25% at the DNC), they needed photos of attractive representatives to flash on the screen. But evidently black McCain supporters were so hard to come by they had to use stock photos:

Mission accomplished!

Update: Right after the GOP convention the organizers admitted the Walter Reed school photo was a major gaffe on their part. A couple of days later, in their best cover-your-lying-ass tradition, they claim it was intentional – to show McCain’s undying support for public education. Give me a break.

4 responses to “Ploy: pathetic use of props to persuade us

  1. Love your site. I’m glad I finally sat down a took a peek. (this is Douglas, your server from Palomino)

    I had a great time chatting with you and look forward to reading more on your blog!

    My blog link is here:

    I have those Obama rally photos up!

  2. Douglas – I thought of you when I found out about the stock photos! What bozos…

  3. I’ve perused some of the coverage and patently read plenty of posts published on blogs about the US elections.

    This is the most comical post I’ve read to date.

    How pathetic that they used the stock photos! Unbelievable!

  4. Oh, so it was a mistake? I was excited because I figured the kids at Walter Reed Middle School were going to run the country. When a former teacher would rather have 8th grade boys running the country… that says a lot!

    Feel free to post my images. I wrote a web site/copyright notice on all the images so if anyone needs to trace them back to me they can find me. Glad you like them.

    PS: Seriously… stock images?