Piling on Palin: she’s the wrong target

I’m blessed, in normal times, of being able to sleep like a baby. But since the Reptilian Republican Convention and the Palinmania it ignited, I’ve found myself staring wide-eyed at the ceiling at 2 a.m. wondering how we can get back on track with REAL issues.

And wondering how long it will take before Palin’s fans will learn the truth about her.  And, truly scary, if the truth about her lies and hypocrisy will even matter to them.

Palin is a red herring. A smelly toxic red herring to be sure, but animals get side-tracked by smelly things. We have to wrest our attention away from her to focus on what’s really important:

John McCain. He is supposed to be the Main Man.

  • The guy who said “Country First,” when he proved by his choice of Mrs. Palin, a woman with little relevant or honorable experience, that what he really believes is “Political Expediency First!”
  • The guy who did only minimal vetting of his VP choice, an example of his impulsivity – not a good trait in chief executives or commander-in-chiefs.
  • The guy who allowed the convention to to be a fear-mongering hate-filled re-ignition of the partisan culture wars – wasn’t he supposed to be Mr. Bi-Partisan?
  • The guy whose own campaign has produced video ads that contain total lies and some of the worst racial innuendos since Willie Horton – wasn’t he supposed to be a Man of Honor?
  • The guy who lets his running mate steal the show with her big personality and big LIES, while he just stands heh-hehing awkwardly by  – who is the leader here? who is in charge?
  • The guy who would rather run his campaign on personality (Palin’s) than talk about the REAL issues facing America, the world, and citizens like you and me.
  • Just for starters…

The mainstream media. Scared shitless of being labeled “Liberal” or “elite”, they have just tip-toed around Palin’s unsavory past, McCain’s flip-flopping and dirty campaign tactics. The public needs to know the truth, and we need our attention brought back to the real issues.

The American public. People people people!! Wake up! Just because a woman can tote a gun and serve up moose-turd pie and has big boobs and five kids, one with Down syndrome, doesn’t make her great vice-presidential material.  Even if she did nothing else but study economics, foreign policy, environmental science, and the constitution for the next year she’d still be wet behind the ears.  This election is NOT a popularity contest! It’s about the future of our country – health care, jobs, energy, mortgages, the environment – plus all the other messy stuff that’s going on around the globe.

You know, the real issues. (Have I said that already?)

2 responses to “Piling on Palin: she’s the wrong target

  1. Palin.. how Perfect for your P words… i find it disturbing (Perturbable) how more People are not awake at night (Passive); People who are sitting on the (Picket) fence and i wonder how that is Possible; have People (Plebeians) really been asleep (Possessed) for eight years? How can there even be any second thoughts (Pause) about what needs to happen? And what will we do if it happens again? (Purgatory)

    (I can to find Poppy Pictures and had to leave some P thoughts of my own!)

  2. What a pleasure to have you perusing my posts, Ms Poppy! You’ve proffered a plethora of P-words. If I run out of ideas, I’ll know where to turn. Thanks so much.

    PS to my readers… check out her poppy pix.