Parody: Friday funnies at McCain-Palin’s expense

Parody: a literary or artistic work that broadly mimics an author’s characteristic sytle and holds it up to ridicule

This has been a difficult week. Markets crumbling, Palinmania, McCain slimorama.  We need a laugh. And thankfully I’ve got three for you:

First: a voice mail that purports to be McCain calling Sarah Palin, asking her to be his running mate. (Click on the symbol that looks like a megaphone to play).

Second: a totally brilliant Sarah Palin impersonation by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live. She not only looks like her, she’s got her accent and mannerisms down.

And finally (for now) John McCain, who until a couple of months ago didn’t know how to use a computer, must be an idiot savant. Did you know he invented the Blackberry? Yes he did!


2 responses to “Parody: Friday funnies at McCain-Palin’s expense

  1. OH thank you. That Lee Camp bit was hilarious. Of course it was also very scary because it sounded so plausible and so many people still plan to vote for him……..Greenland is starting to sound awfully nice. Or maybe Australia.

  2. I’m into funny for now – what else can you do at a time like this??