Press-averse: Palin incommunicado

A candidate for the second highest office would want to do press conferences to get their views out, wouldn’t they? And the press would PRESS that candidate for interviews, wouldn’t they?

But this isn’t just any candidate; it’s Sarah the Unready. Sarah the Religious Wacko. Sarah the Book Banner. Sarah the Clinic Protester.

It has in fact been TWENTY-FOUR (24) days since she entered the VP race, and she hasn’t yet done a single news conference.

This is unprecedented; I don’t understand why the press isn’t making a big stink about it.

Update 9/23: Turns out the McCain campaign didn’t even want the press at Palin’s big field trip to the UN today. Oh it would be Ok to let the cameras in to capture that lovely smile and wrinkled up nose… but no one with paper and pen to write down the verbal stumbles. CNN said ” ___ you” and refused to take pictures. The campaign relented… sort of… and let them in for 40 seconds.  WOW. That’s press coverage.

Update later 9/23: Campbell Brown of CNN rips into the McCain campaign for keeping Palin from the press – calling it “sexist” to treat her like a delicate flower.  Whoduthunkit?


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