Panic mode: Palin can’t even tell us what news she reads

Panic: a sudden overpowering terror, often affecting many people at once.

We thought Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah Palin about the proximity of Russia was scary. Try this part of the interview on for size.  The woman can’t even name a single newspaper or magazine that she reads! This should bring us all to a state of panic. What if McCain/Palin are elected?? What if he dies????

Here’s part of the transcript, but you should watch the whole thing.

COURIC: And when it comes to establishing your world view, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this — to stay informed and to understand the world?PALIN: I’ve read most of them again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media —

COURIC: But what ones specifically? I’m curious.

PALIN: Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years.

COURIC: Can you name any of them?

PALIN: I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news.

She could at least have answered the Anchorage Daily News and Newsweek…

OK. maybe the Wasilla Gazette and the church newsletter.

56 responses to “Panic mode: Palin can’t even tell us what news she reads

  1. It’s not a matter of “couldn’t.” It’s more that she “wouldn’t” or “didn’t.” What a stupid question anyways. Do you see anyone asking any of the other candidates what newspapers they read? And personally, as a voter, I don’t care what newspapers she reads. But, that’s besides the point. The point is, her answer was not specific, but the question was stupid, Couric asked it because she thinks Sarah is uninformed, and Sarah gave her an answer that for me, as a voter, is a fine answer. I’m sure there is a reason for many of her guarded questions. There probably was a good reason that she did not name names, and she probably does read alot of various papers.

    Good for her on not caving in to Couric’s “gotcha” questions anways!

  2. What mags or newspapers she reads?
    Does Couric thinks they don’t have mags or newspaper in Alaska? What an insult.

    If Palin says the Newsweek the next question would be ” Can you name me the author of the article you have read?” Palin: George Will
    Couric: Can you tell me the date the mags was issue?

  3. it’s true: sarah is just like you!! many americans don’t read anything other than people and US mag, with the occasional enquirer for the juicy stuff…sometimes the USA today.

    but would you choose yourself to be VP??? no way, do you trust yourself to make the right, informed decisions that can impact the world in a few minutes? look how fast the markets fell from congress’ inaction. look at iraq!!! Katrina, Ike.

    imagine a dimwit, uninformed, and ignorant person like sarah trying to make the most important decisions in the world with all the many pressures coming from aides, lobbyists, competing interests, and opposition.

    forget it! never is it OK to want someone like the average joe to run this country. NEVER. that would be like having your average joe perform heart surgery on you. THINK ABOUT IT. i’m sorry, but it is necessary that special positions like VP, POTUS, and heart surgeons are left for those who have studied it the most at the highest levels and have a higher level of intelligence and comprehension of the subject matter. at least, require that the person be able to speak in basic clear sentences.

    If that’s called elitist, then guilty as charged. but i’d rather call it leaving the complex jobs to those best qualified to handle it.

    the rest of us should just try to be good citizens.

  4. It was a simple question and all she needed to give was a simple answer. This simple minded lady from Alaska couldn’t even answer that. I bet she doesn’t read anything, that’s why she can’t even give us an answer. This lady probably just gets her news from Fox news and that’s it.

    Palin is in a position to be asked anything by a journalist. She accepted the role of possibly becoming our next VP, so we need to know what kind of person she is. We need to know whether she is smart enough to be in a position where she might become our president, if something was to happen to McCain.

    It’s becoming very clear that Sarah Palin is not ready for the VP spot and the VP spot is way out of her league. People in the Republican party and strict conservatives are now even asking for her to drop out of the race, for McCain’s sake, for her sake, and even for our country’s sake. I hope she takes their advice.

  5. This is a SNL skit right? lmao Oh my God, I hope this gal doesn’t become are next VP

  6. Her not reading any newspapers would explain a lot…..

  7. Who cares what magazines or news papers she reads. Is anyone asking Obama which he reads ? The fact is, if we’re talking about how qualified she is to VP, she’s way more qualified for the VP spot than Obama is to be President.

  8. ForTheLoveOfPete

    Geez, she’s already stated in detail how she plans to deal with Russia’s new aggressive stance, she’s been able to beat back big oil in AK and give back some of the cash to the residents there…who in the world CARES where she gets her info?? She made good decisions for the folks in AK. and has her priorities right.

  9. If a car blows one tire, that can be fixed with a spare (if you have one). If all four tires are blown at the same time then you have a serious problem. The republican party has a serious problem.

  10. I am starting to second guess Mccain’s mental stability. What person in their right mind would feel that Palin is ready to run as VP of this country? It was a simple question that she danced around; yet again. If Obama had answered the same question the way she did, people would assume that he wasn’t ready to be president. Palin is no different.

    No matter what party you are, everyone should be realistic about what’s going on here. John is very old, and chances are he might not live the entire four years that he is supposed to be in office. Do you really want someone as unseasoned as she to run our country?

  11. 43YrOldFemFormerRepublican

    …until this election. The thing that scares me is that Gov. Palin has not developed her own world view, over time, from reading and interacting with people outside of Idaho and Alaska. That’s a pretty slim slice of the planet to be the leader of the free world. She is holed up, learning all of it, memorizing vast chunks of the world according to handlers, with a focus on sound bites. I want a vice president who has experience with rural people and city people and foreign people and a significant minority population to understand the subtleties of governing the world today. Especially if we’re electing a president as old as Sen. McCain! I have no problem with Gov. Palin’s resume if she’s intelligent and curious and well-traveled, but her lack of global awareness scares the pants off me. I can’t vote for a ticket with her on it.

    I also have a special needs child, and I know my husband and I both adjusted our jobs (I quit mine, he changed) to be free to provide the care she needed her first five years. I couldn’t bring myself to farm that out, so I can’t identify with Gov. Palin on that call either.

  12. For those people who say, “Who cares what she reads, does it really matter etc…”, it’s really scary to have Palin given the response that she gave. For all of the people who say that she’s one of us, the point is well taken that therefore any of us could be a vice president.
    Palin appears to be a very nice person, down to earth and all that, but we are talking about her becoming a world leader! Isn’t that what people who really liked George Bush said about him.
    “He’s one of us”? Just think about the past 8 years with someonoe we thought we could relate to. Yes, I am sure that he’s a nice guy and all but the fact remains that we need someone who DOES read newspapers from both the right and left, has a grasp of world issues (not just her own opinion) and can back up statements not just with her own conclusion or beliefs. It’s fine for her to be entitled to her beliefs and convictions but look where that’s gotten us the past 8 years.
    Bush was NOT a reader nor an intellectual… look where that’s gotten us. She’s a big fish in a small pond in Alaska… now we are talking about our entire country and the world!

  13. Bill is right.

    And this further validates that Palin is right when she says that she’s just like the average American because, sadly, many of us don’t read.

    Once again she could have said ANY magazine or newspaper in the country. She could’ve said she reads the Anchorage Daily News. I’ve been on this newspaper’s web site almost daily since she became the VP candidate just to see her past positions and read what politics are like in Alaska – and I live in New Jersey.

  14. This is an important question because she said in a prior interview that she has formed her opinions and knowledge of the world, not by actually seeing the world for herself, but by reading different magazines and articles.

    Her answer to this question is vital for us as Americans to know because this would give us a better understanding of her positions by understanding the literary pieces that have helped her form those positions.

    The notion that what someone reads is not important is rediculous. What a person reads gives us an insider perspective on the person. Surely, we should at least know this about our potential next vice president shouldn’t we?!

  15. Of course it’s an important question, and of course other politicians are asked this all the time. The point is, with someone who essentially has only a high school education (a BA in journalism won’t do much to help her in the White House), it is important to know that she is well-informed, curious about the world, and eager for knowledge. All signs so far indicate that she is none of these things. “Bill,” who posted earlier in this thread, has it right: you should NEVER hire an uneducated or under-educated person to be your surgeon OR your VP/President. This should be self-evident to anyone, but unfortunately, it seems that some Americans can’t think this through.

    The comparisons to other governors who have served as President before are ludicrous. Those men were educated — several had law degrees, one was educated in economics.

  16. Oh please. Couric did not ask the question because she thinks Palin is uninformed or to be mean. Couric asked the question because it directly relates to the McCain/Palin ticket’s dislike of the “press” and the harsh lines they throw out in their stump speeches. If you criticize the press, it’s a fair question to ask what press you are reading.

    Whether she wouldn’t or couldn’t answer the question is troubling in and of itself. But let’s not pretend there wasn’t a reason for the question to be asked. If the candidate wants to be Vice President, she certainly should be able to answer such softball questions – this protectionism of Sarah Palin is getting ridiculous. Stop boo hooing every time the woman is asked a question!

  17. This is such a ridiculous question, anyway. The question was insulting because it insinuates that Alaskans have no access to worthwhile reading material. Furthermore, if she HAD answered, the media and some of the other constant critics would have picked apart each of the magazines and expostulated on why they aren’t suitable or how they show her lack of knowledge. She can’t win with those critics, and she knows it. No other candidate has to answer such stupid questions, and I’m glad she didn’t. If you continued to read the transcript, you would see where she tells Couric that they do have access to the same reading material the rest of us have access to. Refusing to answer that question does not mean that she is not “well-informed, curious about the world, and eager for knowledge.” For crying out loud, would she want to be vice-president if she were not all three? Would she put herself and her family through all this if she were really some uneducated, uninformed, apathetic idiot?

    And Laura, I’m not sure what your educational level is, but having a BA in journalism does in fact surpass a high school education. Ronald Reagan was president (not vice president), and he had only a bachelors. Was he not qualified? Education is about more than just degrees. Plus, before you risk being guilty of intellectual snobbery, remember – while we sit typing about her and her “debatable intelligence,” she is running for vice-president. Something tells me she might be smarter than either of us.

  18. How can you drive a car if you don’t even know what a car is. And for those of us familiar with cars, seeing one, sitting in or, even owning one, doesn’t make us able to pilot one. And if we’re presumptious and try anyway, then we endanger not only our own but the lives of many.
    America is a car driven on the roads and in the neighborhoods of every country in the world today, and one wrong turn can cause a chain reaction of chaos. The vehicle needs a driver, not a delusional sightseer who thinks it colorful and a great thing to play with… the car.

  19. Maybe Putin reared his head into her airspace and stole all the reading matter…like…you know…

  20. If she had named any mags, newspapers – in the left’s eyes they would have been the wrong ones, or let’s say she only named a few, then the left would have said – look she ONLY reads 3. If she had named a slew, the left would have said – look she is just a book worm (acting only on what she reads with no real thoughts of her own) and can’t see the forest for the trees. It was a no win situation. Damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.

    She answered the question the ONLY way the left will allow her to answer it. She is getting smarter in her ways of dealing with the sly underhanded press.

    Don’t underestimate her, she is a smart one!

  21. Governor Palin was wise not to disclose the magazines/newspapers she reads, if for no other reason than doing so could be construed as her endorsement of those publications–something the media could spin wildly. Ms. Couric was hoping for an opening to confront her, and give the media something to spin. What other possible reason/s could she have for asking such an irrelavant question?
    Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson both resorted to deplorable tactics in their interviews of Governor Palin, clearly attempting to discredit her. Both interviews are unlike any interviews with other candidates I have ever seen. Given the circumstances, I believe Governor Palin has done quite well. Ms. Couric and Mr. Gibson, on the other hand, certainly did nothing to advance their image of objective journalists.

  22. How small we have become as a society. People, Sarah Palin is a Governor. She’s done something right somewhere. Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagon were Governors. From what I can tell she’s made it further in life than any one of us leving these comments. Please try to remember she’s running for VP not Pres. Remeber Al Gore, the inventor of the internet? I don’t think she can do any worse than that and we made it through just fine. The real fear in all of this is that a man the spent his most inpressionable years in a Muslim school becomes our President. That is very dangerous.

  23. repub from the south

    sarah palin was caught off guard by a question that isn’t relevant or at all important!! couric kept asking because she knew it would be talked about. stupid.

  24. I was going to vote republican until the massive irresponsibility of McCains VP pick started coming to light. Come on fellow conservatives, all of this defending of Palin is making us look like a joke. A sad, pathetic, terribly unfunny joke!!

  25. It is insulting and scary that some people actually support Gov. Palin. It is not an issue of whether or not she is one of us….she simply lacks the intellect to be an elected official, least the VP of the US!!! (despite of what people in far off Alaska may say). This really shows how poorly educated our country is. I actually want an INTELECTUAL in the White house, and if he/she is an elitist, even better. Look where four years of having Joe in the WH has taken us……America please wake up!

  26. What is insulting and a joke is such a question. I check out different sites each day and many link off into oblivion. I don’t subscribe to any one or two in particular so my answer would be “all of them” as well. Good grief, I’m posting this on a site I have never heard of before. I linked off of another site but you wouldn’t get my reference.

    Seriously, focus on the issues people. The American media spins people into these types of “doubt scenarios” and it looks like a lot of you fall for it. Don’t be a puppet of trivia. Focus on who can solve problems using different approaches. Ex. NO TO SOCIALISM, NO TO CORRUPTION, NO TO GOVERNMENT SPENDING.

  27. Hoboy! This set off a firestorm.

    The media doesn’t ask other candidates what news media they read because Obama, Biden, and McCain already appear well informed. Palin’s interviews show her to be consistently ignorant and evasive which is why Couric asked what she reads.

    It turns out the question might better have been, “DO you read???”

    It’s clear to me that Palin’s fans will find a way to excuse her for almost anything – whether its ignorance, lying, bullying or idiocy.

  28. Katie asked Palin that question because it’s clear she is not the brightest crayon in the box. Attending five different community colleges just to end up with a journalism degree shows that she is just like the average Americans. Which is the main reason she’s not ready for the 2nd highest position in this country. I want more than a hockey mom with lip stick leading this country.

  29. My, my, my. Palin can’t even answer a simple question, can she…and what is with her vague answer? Palin’s ignorance and lack of curiosity are scary, but even more scary is the fact that it won’t make a difference to most Palin supporters who are blindly defending her with equally vague and uncompelling arguments such as “She’s great!”, “You go!”, and “That question was irrelevant!”. Remember those 2004 Kerry/Bush debates with Bush all not answering the question…blinking his eyes a hundred times instead? He clearly blew that debate but it made no difference in the eyes of the public; he was inexplicably reelected. The point is not whether the question is relevant, the point is that it was a simple question that she couldn’t answer, kind of like Rudy Giuliani having no idea how much a gallon of milk costs. There are a lot of things that the President/Vice President really ought to know, but Palin hardly knows anything. She’s treating this VP election as if it were a game, but this is terribly serious business this year! Our country is in dangerous shape and we need someone who is prepared for the office that they seek!

  30. Please explain to me why Gov Palin and her people want her to get a free hall pass? I don’t care how stupid the question was and no it was not even relivant but you know what, regardless she should have answered the question, period. I am sick of hearing everytime someone ask her a question the response is a “gotcha question” and you get how dare s/he ask that question. A voter asked her a question and she and Sen McCain mocked it. That was a voter so do you thnk she is going to get his vote after what they said about him?

    She is running for VP and will possibly be President there are no stupid questions. There are no “gotcha” questions. If she can’t handle these questions how can she run the country? This election is not about Palin’s 5 children: one with an illness and the other unwed and pregnant (that is life-teenagers). Get over it. This is not about her husband. This is about the millions of people living in America.

    Sen Obama is a newcomer and you know what his life was picked with a fine tooth comb. Why is Palin different. I am sick of people treating her like she is god and treating her differently. Voters, the media, and other politicians should hit and hit hard. Being a leader you have to be able to take a couple of punches at one time.

    If she wants my vote she is going to have to earn it & it won’t be by she making fun of Obama. She won’t earn my vote by being abscent from the media. She won’t earn my vote by mocking American voters. If Sen Obama wants my vote he too will have to earn it. He do not get a free hall pass b/c he and I both are African Americans. Sen Obama has to to prove he can make expediate and sound decisions. I want to know they both know what to do about I am paying over $4 for gas. My grocery bill is higher & I am getting less food. My home is not worth the money I paid for it 1yr ago. Sen Obama, Gov Palin, Sen McCain, and Sen Joe Biden what specifically are you going to do about that?

  31. In the same interview, Palin was asked why she did not get a passport until last year. She gave a long answer about not being a rich kid sent world trekking after graduating, said that she go her education about the rest of the world from education.

    Bottom line, this woman, now in her 40’s, never had any interest in finding out how the rest of the world lives, what people are like in their own backyard, what makes them tick…now some believ she is qualified to such think at the high level required by a VP, Gad forbid, as the president.

    As for “gotcha journalism….the question was asked by a Temple University student. Why can’t she and McCain simply admit a mistake? Is this what they will do if elected? Hide behind innuendos and lies every time something goes wrong? And wen in doubt blame it on the other guy?

  32. Wow, anyone who actually is defending her about this needs to think twice. Its obvious that she doesnt have a clue what is going on in the world, and she doesnt seem to be attempting to learn. I am an independant, but I am leaning far left in this election primarily due to Palin.

  33. Obama is a newcomer. Have you asked yourself how he rose to the postion he has as fast as he did? What President can you name that had the likes of George Soro’s, William Ayers, Acorn, etc, backing their campaign? Thus far, people are content to believe that Obama explained away Reverend Wright, William Ayers, his affiliation with Acorn, and the top two Democrats that walked off with millions of dollars that benefitted them from the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Instead of worrying about gas at $4.00 a gallon, and question why Palin didn’t quote the magazines she read from, your priorites need to focus on why most of you are content to vote for a candidate that will not even engage in a townfall forum so that these questions can be answered. Obama refuses to have such meetings because he doesn’t want to answer these questions.

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  35. who cares about readin' anyway?

    the question of what one reads is critical to knowing how they are influenced. as nuetral as journalism is suppose to be, we all know that some are more biased and others are more reputably represent both sides of information on a story, the slightest words can sway a readers opinion or what they take away from the story.

    an intelligent person recognizes that they should obtain their news from reputable and diverse media to discern for themselves.
    that is an answer with perspective, a properly informed pretty basic answer for those in high positions who are suppose to be more informed than you and i. and yet she couldnt even come up with that to hide that she only probably reads people magazine, gets news from her advisers and watches tv news.

  36. I cannot believe what Im reading here. People are constantly making excuses for this woman, it has nothing to do with the media trying to be mean or biased, she is afterall a likeable person but as some have written you wouldnt want just the ole average 6 pack guy doing heart surgery on you. You want someone who has some kind of credentials or is intelligent in world matters. I for one want a VP with potential to become the next President to be educated in world events, not just Alaska politics. I may be a Democrat but my eyes are not blinded and initially after hearing her at the RPC, I thought to myself wow this woman might make things difficult for Obama, and I actually liked her spirit. But there has to be more then just quick sarcastic soundbites, not to mention her condescending tone.

  37. who cares about readin' anyway?

    p.s. and she reads the FOX website postings for all her feedback from the people. (for all you that arent aware that means crappy biased slated one sided corporate owned sensationalized entertainment “journalism”)

  38. Obviously she doesn’t read or isn’t interested to read anything worth mentioning. I’m surprised she isn’t able to drop even a few names of magazines or newspapers. What an empty shallow idiot. We must stop her from becoming vice president.

  39. I have seen several clips today of Ms Palin and in each of them she comes off like the poor South Carolina beauty queen of a couple of years ago, when asked about education in America. She started her answer quickly then stammered on and on and said exactly nothing that made any sense.

    To me it is simple: Ms. Palin, is an example of the Peter Principle, in that she has simply risen to a level where she is clearly no longer competent.

  40. If Alaska is just like the rest of America and SP is implying they don’t read there, either, then the world is in serious trouble.


  41. “What newspapers and magazines do you read?” is not a hard question. If she wanted to play it safe she could have just said Anchorage and Wasilla’s newspapers. The issue is that she couldn’t come up with anything. I’d like to think anyone could answer this easily and don’t see this as “gotcha” journalism at all.

  42. I don’t blame her for not answering. I wouldn’t either. SNL would have made a skit of it. Actually she should have listed all the liberal media rags and then all the people that hate her so much would cancel their subscriptions or stop reading them and then they would stop reading all the lies printed out her.

  43. Jayhawker, I think you have Sarah confused with Obama. Let’s talk about stuttering!

  44. I’m always amazed with how quick some people are to question the abilities of others. Palin is the popular leader of a State with thousands of employees and a budget larger than most major companies – yet she is “stupid.” Obama has accomplished nothing significant yet he is a genuis because he can give BS answers to excuse all of his questionable decisions and friends. The people that buy his BS are the stupid ones.

  45. In other news, Joe Biden has announced that he has read every major magazine ever published, even while dodging bullets in Iraq and while his chopper was “forced down” right in the midst of Al Quaeda and Usama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

  46. To those bashing Sarah I have this to say: try actually looking at your candidates Dumb and Dumber? Yeah they would be great in office. An inexperienced senator who’s friends are known terrorists, a supporter of Acorn and a disciple of Wright and a buffoon VP who said that Obama lacked the experience to be president (enough said). Let’s not put anyone in office that might actually want to do something for the American people and that actually loves their country and has always loved their country. VOTE MCCAIN/PALIN

  47. She should have gotten snarky with Katie and told her, “News, we ain’t got no news in Alaska, what’s that?”

    I love how the MSM and Obama peeps are trying to paint this woman as being clueless. She didn’t get to be where she is today cause she is clueless. Since the MSM won’t do it look around here and there and you’ll find out about her .

  48. I’m not sure how asking what newspaper she reads constitutes “gotcha journalism” or how it implies that Alaskans are illiterate. The pro-Palin apologists here have sounded positively looney in their attempts to defend her over this.

    I can kinda understand the “it’s not that big a deal” objection to the original post but the weird conspiracy theories being spawned to protect this woman from tame interview questions astound me.

    Some commenters sounded more like they have some real mental illness than just participating in a political debate, and my father gets those kind of weird paranoid ideas when he gets a depressive spell so I know what it looks like up close.

  49. This kind of nonsense is what we can expect from her at the debate tomorrow. She won’t answer any questions and afterwards everyone will brand the critics as sexist.

  50. No worries! Palin-McCain will soon be vaguely recalled like… “who was on that ticket that ran against Obama in his first term anyhow?” Thank God we didn’t vote for them. Look how much our economy improved since Obama became President. All will be well again.

  51. Palin was strategically chosen as VP candidate to balance out McCain’s age and his dumb chipmunk face. Plus she’s a Washington outsider. So I wouldn’t ask too much of her, like does she read or not. Of course she doesn’t read! She doesn’t need to. McCain reads TO her.

  52. hi ash — I’m sure you’re a sweet, well-meaning girl and all, but are you telling me you would’ve answered the question the same way? If so, what would you be hiding? Ignorance? Or something else/worse? It was a simple question, requiring just a simple answer. Why do people ask Obama about his experience? Because they’re worried about it. Why do people ask Palin questions trying to plumb how well-informed she is?Because they’re worried about it. And it does matter. You might think ignorance is OK, and maybe it’s working alright in some cases. But not for the potential leader of this country.

  53. Strange Little Kat


    I’m not sure why I’m trying…
    We are all stubborn aren’t we???

    Unfortunatley for our country…..there are tons of misinformed and close minded people. There’s also stubborn Palin fans! They’ll stick to her side no matter how many times she has proven to be unprepared and lacking the essential knowledge to be a successful Vice President for our country. She’s already failed to show strong leadership skills that our country can truly benefit from. She’s easily become a target for the media, because she’s just that easy to “stump”. What more proof do you Palin fans want that she is not qualified??? She is new and we are learning new things about her everyday but her supporters never consider the possibility that she may actually be unqualified for the VP position. She could say something completely absurd such as, “What is it exactly that the VP does everyday?” Oh wait, she already said that one. Either way, no matter what she says, her supporters tend to use the excuse that the media is distorting everyone’s perspective of her. Are they in denial? The media isn’t trying to “stump” her, they are merely asking her questions that she should easily be able to answer, especially at her acclaimed level. Someone that easy to “stump” is someone I would not want representing our country. Also, if she can’t handle the media, how will she be able to handle the issues of our country? That will be a bigger challenge than the media. America has already developed a bad reputation because of Bush, we must not let it continue. McCain speaks of this “Country First” slogan that he failed to stick with when choosing her as his Vice President. Everyone should understand why he really picked her. She’s just McCain’s VP robot in-training to win over women voters. It will benefit him, not the country. Everyone should be insulted by this tactic.

    P.S. You must be a bit uneducated or misinformed if you really do believe that Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist. Do your research, he’s not. I can’t say how tired I am of hearing that one!

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  55. Totally ridiculous.
    Katie Couric has never, nor has any other reporter, asked a male candidate for the position of VP, or Pres, or governor of any state, what papers or mags they have read. It was an insult to her intelligence. She ran a town, and a state. Is Alaska more a boondocks than Arkansas?
    They still need services and infrastructure and must still get a budget approved and met.
    I am an East Coast woman, raising three sons and I work part time. I read various magazines, newspapers, novels etc.. instead of just watching the boob tube.
    Only the ignorant who sit their fat buts in front of the boob tube have no understanding of the ability and wherewithal of someone who is involved, and makes the time to know what is going on around them, getting involved in their community, much less fighting on behalf of their friends, neighbors and constituents.
    Not to mentions the research she needed to do to keep up with energy and environmental concerns bringing the people in her state windfall revenue.
    We have senators and congress people in office that talk the talk, but in the end, write meaningless bills that rarely get passed and only benefit their own agendas. I’d rather have a straight shooter who I can at least depend on tell me if she thinks it will work out and she will support something, than one who will tell me one thing, and the opposition the other. We are the people. We are too hungry for straight talk.

    And in the time of global crisis regarding shortages of energy, putting ourselves begging to outside governments, economic instability, working on our goals to keep our country safe and assist in bringing democracy to other countries, which in turn brings additional safety to our democracy, And we must stop our dependence on government and start taking personal responsibility for our actions, whether in our own personal finances, or our own moral codes and religious beliefs. Those are the principles our country was founded on.

    Don’t you think it’s time we worked back towards these goals together, as a team? The USA team.
    I think our best bet is the McCain/Palin ticket that will bring that teamwork back to the USA. They are real people. Let’s let them work on a real solution WITH us.