Polls say Obama won. What do you think?

Poll: n. a questioning or canvassing of persons (selected at random or by quota) to obtain information or opinions to be analyzed

In my house it was a rout. Me, my son, and my dog were in 100% agreement.

The polls from the various cable channels weren’t willing to go the 100%, but in most of them Obama was way ahead. The one I thought most telling was from CNN:

Who expressed his views more clearly in the debate?
Obama 60
McCain 30

Who spent more time attacking his opponent?
Obama 17
McCain 63

Who seemed to be the stronger leader?
Obama 54
McCain 43

Who was most likeable?
Obama 65
McCain 28

These are emotional not substantive, and voters often base their choices on emotion.

Some non-substantive stuff that I noticed:

  • McCain’s stiff strutting. He looked old and arthritic. One observer said he looked like he was walking an invisible dog on an invisible leash.
  • McCain’s jacket with the tie poking out the bottom looked shlumpy.
  • Obama looked like a sleek cat – relaxed but ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.
  • McCain calling Obama “that one”… like he couldn’t bring himself to say his name.
  • Obama has an impeccable sense of style. He chose a silvery grey tie that said, “I don’t need a red tied to prove I’m powerful.”
  • McCain’s overworked use of “my friends” (17 times?) to an audience that looked like cold potatoes.
  • After the obligatory handshakes at the end of the debate, the McCains bolted. The Obamas stayed, talked to folks, signed autographs, took photos for a LONG time. Like they thought the audience was more than cold potatoes.

I’ll be curious to hear what the studio audience really thought…


3 responses to “Polls say Obama won. What do you think?

  1. Obama/Biden ’08


  2. Obama won and I agree, McCain has been looking old and dare I say tired lately.

  3. “That one”… he whose name I can’t even speak… was a nasty bit from McCain.