Pitiful: the pathetic McPain campaign

Pitiful: adj. arousing pity pathetic; so inferior as to be contemptible; mean, paltry.

Since it’s a P-Word, and I haven’t used it yet, and Devilstower used it so perfectly in his post today,  I’m going to share it with you here. He was responding to McCain’s newest 90-second web ad on Barack Obama’s relationship with 1960s radical William Ayers.  Ayers is referred to as a terrorist throughout the ad, as is his “friendship” with Obama.This is the tack the McPain campaign is using on the stump too, riling up the base with “Obama is a terrorist” by association gambit.


Barack Obama once sat on the same school board with a man who had done bad things when Obama was eight years old, and that means Obama hates America. Do I have that straight?

So, my only question for John McCain now: Is this the best you can do?

Twenty one years in the Senate, two terms in the House, twenty two years in the Navy, and lest we forget five years as a POW, and this is it? This is the way that John Sidney McCain III, son and grandson of admirals decides to exit stage far, far right?

Unable to defend his stance on the issues, unwilling to follow the rules of honor he claimed to endorse, undone by his own anger and shadows from his past, this man, this self-proclaimed maverick goes for the sidelines with the most embarrassing series of schoolyard taunts and sophomoric smears in modern times. How crass. How despicable. How utterly and deeply pathetic.

Pitiful is the word, really, both in the sense of contemptible and in arousing a kind of sick feeling of concern. To have done and seen so much, to have had so many opportunities, to have been given a second chance long after most men had given up the game.  And then to spend it this way.


5 responses to “Pitiful: the pathetic McPain campaign

  1. But what is really pitiful is that so many people are listening; that so many people are coming away believing that Barack Obama is a terrorist, muslim, America hating, DANGEROUS BLACK MAN WHO WILL DESTROY OUR NATION. Not realizing that the real danger to our nation would come through our failure to reverse the current administration’s policies. It amazes me, listening to interviews, reading blogs of McCain/Palin supporters. They warn of loss of freedom if the evil liberals win the election; and seem to have not heard of, or paid any attention to the steps Bush/Cheney have taken towards eroding our rights. And the raw violence of the McCain/Palin camp scares the bejeebers out of me.

  2. Have you noticed that many of the ‘possibly related posts’ lead to extreme right wing sites? And the ones I’ve clicked on and read sort of prove my point: they are full of anger, insult, and insinuation. And lots of bad spelling in the comments.

  3. I suppose this “cross-pollination of ideas” is good? Except that as you say, most of the rightwing posts are insufferable. Our local paper, which is pretty conservative) has an online edition. The people who comment are truly wackos, and I wonder if we’re reading the same paper! They see a librul conspiracy or terrorist in every paragraph.

  4. I wish I had presence of mind on Tuesday to count the number of times McPain said, “I know how to. . . ” in reference to the solution of one or another of the questions he was making an attempt to answer (while very carefully circumnavigating by digressing) from a member of the audience or Tom Brokaw. He may be old and arthritic, but he can sure dance around when debating to lead the crowd away from subject to get to his own agenda. May the gods have mercy on us. And, Oh, he can’t face off with Obama, but gets the Lipstick Pit Bull to do the really dirty work. Hiding behind women seems to be on of his many talents. Mary

  5. Old and arthritic, but the man can dance around the real issues. He is dirt, and his name is mud.