Piggyback: who’s running for Pres?

Piggyback: n. carried on the shoulders or back

A picture says a lot. What kind of campaign is this anyway??

2 responses to “Piggyback: who’s running for Pres?

  1. I do hope you retouched Palin’s picture before posting it (re the ridiculous Newsweek/Palin cover/Fox News story: if you haven’t heard about it, it’s really a hoot to watch).
    What do you think of McCain’s trying to soothe the waters at a rally yesterday? True guilt/misgivings over what he has stirred up? Or, since he’s continuing to use the Ayers/Obama association, just an attempt to cover his tracks. I really wonder why the media isn’t pushing him on the Ayers/Annenberg/Reagan connection.

  2. I agree – the Fox fracas about the Newsweek cover shot of Palin was beyond absurd. I thought she looked beautiful (even through my slime filter).

    What they SHOULD have been upset about was the reaming she got between the magazine covers.