Piper’s purse – real ($$$) or fake (Chinese knockoff) ?

Piper: n. daughter of moose-hunting hockey mom from Russia’s neighbor state

Purse: n. a handbag carried (usually) by women. Originally a practical accessory that held a wallet, comb, mirror, lipstick and glasses case. Today outsized bags are a major fashion statement and can cost thousands of dollars.

Piper is unquestionably the most appealing member of the entire Palin clan, so it really pissed me off to see this six-year-old child turned into a little RNC fashion plate with her new purse:

This is either an expen$ive Louis Vuitton bag (part of the Palin shopping spree) or a Chinese knockoff made by workers at slave wages.  It wouldn’t do to have the VP candidate’s daughter carry a “Hello Kitty” purse like a regular kid.

Especially if someone else is paying for it.  Some say it’s the real thing, worth about $3000; others say it could be had for less than $500; others say it could be had on a Manhattan side street for $10.

There are moral values and there are financial values. I say Mom Palin lacks both.


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