Play! Happy music with Muppets, Yo-Yo, and Bobby

Play: v. to engage in a recreational activity, to make music, to have fun

Someone sent me this yesterday, which reminded me that I was as big a Sesame Street addict as my kids were – my daughter even went on to work for the company. I’m also a huge Yo-Yo Ma fan. Here he joins three “honkers” for a musical quartet.

Which linked me to another video of Yo-Yo with three other extraordinary musicians – Bobby McFerrin, Edgar Meyer, and Mark O’Connor.  I’ve attended several concerts by both Meyer and O’Connor, and one where Yo Yo played the entire set of Bach cello suites – a lonely figure on a big stage, playing his heart out – but I’ve never seen Bobby McFerrin.

Since I was on a roll, I found Bobby McFerrin’s famous “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – the perfect antidote to today’s bad economic news. The clowns are Bill Irwin and Robin Williams:

2 responses to “Play! Happy music with Muppets, Yo-Yo, and Bobby

  1. Thanks for the smile. These would be wonderful even without bad times.

    Yo Yo Ma is amazing and Robin Williams never fails to make me laugh.

  2. These videos really cheer me up. I remember seeing Bill Irwin in the 70’s when my kids were little and he had a small clown troupe in Berkeley. And now he’s world famous. Deservedly.