Pants-off panicked by Palin pick; plumber plummets too.

Polls are showing that Sarah Palin is now a serious drag on the MCain campaign, as 59% of those polled by  CBS/NYTimes say she’s not qualified to be VP.

Because she used so many P-words, and because I love this NY Times columnist even if she used no P-words, here’s what Gail Collins said today:

The polls also suggest that Sarah Palin has, in two short months, managed to scare the pants off large portions of the population. Confidence seems to be plummeting not only in her own qualifications but in McCain’s overall ability to pick good assistants. These concerns were probably not allayed by the candidate’s promise to take Joe the Plumber to Washington with him.

Meanwhile, a different hockey mama prefers Obama:

3 responses to “Pants-off panicked by Palin pick; plumber plummets too.

  1. There ya go again, Joy. Palling around with satirists. Where do you get your friends, anyway?

  2. Only four more days! I can return to pondering pie and poop and petunias.

  3. I used to laugh at the election race, but now with it so close, I’m really worried for you all in the USA – it’s too real and scary to contemplate anything other than an Obama win.