Peruse this picture album: Scout Tufankjian on the Obama trail

Peruse: v. to examine, look over or through, to study.

Picture: n. a design or representation made by various means (as painting, drawing, or photography), a description so vivid or graphic as to suggest a mental image or give an accurate idea of something

This historic presidential campaign has been followed closely – not just by us Obama fans and journalists, but by some wonderful photographers. I’ve seen some remarkable photos already, but Scout Tufankjian’s are among the very best, the most evocative. She even did a whole collection on the Secret Service men who kept him safe.

Her book, Yes We Can, is coming out next month, but meanwhile check out the couple hundred photos on her website. I can’t show you a sample, so take a look at her website.

3 responses to “Peruse this picture album: Scout Tufankjian on the Obama trail

  1. Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t seen these pictures before. I loved the album of the secret service, working so hard to protect the Obama’s.

  2. Sylva Portoian-Shuhaiber

    Congratulation for you Scout Tufankjian,
    You are like Armenian-Canadian :Yousif Karsh(1908-2002) portrait photographer; his famous photo is that of Sir Winston Chruchill.

    My poem applies on you

    Armenian Orphans

    Armenian orphans, new in birth rate.
    Every one lived in Diasporas; vast lost ends.
    Honored, serenely privileged for their pert.
    Their gratitude extends for supportive “Nations- Heads.”

    Who sheltered them from killers’ serration?
    Started their lives single-handedly,
    Build and prayed in their sad ration.
    Asking no one else, not even a cent, pension.

    They are architects, dentists, physicians,
    Scientists, jewelers, mechanists,
    Every job done earnestly not for pretence;
    Every one knows them, consent unneeded hence.
    Sa’id Aq’l,* a well-known Lebanese poet,
    Wrote a famous poem of his soul-inspiring breaths,
    Poeming for the Armenian immigrants, suffering in shades;
    Those who arrived as orphans** everywhere; scattered,
    Survived by training self with thoughtfulness ahead.
    Learning many languages not forgetting theirs, praying in bed.
    His poem speaks, “Armenian blood flowed from Anatolia,
    killer’s rivers-lands spreading; dignity,
    literature, knowledge, science, art,
    irrigating us: enthusiasm, truth, trust.”

    From the book ” A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides , 2008
    * Sa’id Aq’l: Famous Lebanese poet; he writes many poems on Armenian sincerity and genuineness; he lives close to them has many friends’ journalist and writers.
    ** Antranig Zaroukian (1913-1989): Author of the book Humans without Childhood, translated from Armenian to Russian (1964), to French (1977), to English (1985), and to Arabic (1987).In his book, he praises the Syrian Arabs who inspired his new life.

  3. Thank you for this offering, Sylvia. My brother-in-law is Armenian. I know of your people’s trials.