Pootie “Bama” takes after his namesake

Pootie: n. small adorable animal, most often a cat. Pootie pix (photos of pooties) are used to enliven otherwise dreary political blogs.

Gobama, the sleek black kitty I got at the Humane Society three weeks ago, is turning into the Cool Cat of the Century, just like his namesake President-Elect Obama.

Like Obama, little Bama is interested in everything, ruffled by nothing. Here he is in the hood of my son’s sweatshirt.


I know you’re supposed to go sloooow introducing a new cat to the home and to other pets.  Keep him in one room for a few days until he acclimates to that. Then maybe a brief supervised meeting of the other pet (both pets restrained so nobody gets hurt).

Not Bama – he wanted to explore the whole house right away and he definitely wanted to meet Molly nose to nose, even though she’s ten times bigger than him. Like Obama being willing to “meet with enemy heads of state without preconditions”…


Most pets hate the vacuum cleaner, especially the sudden loud noise it makes. Not Bama. He tips his head as if to say, what’s THAT? and then charges after the electrical cord.

Other sudden noises like toilet flushing don’t faze him either. The first time he heard it, he jumped up to watch the water swirl away and almost fell in.

Water intrigues him. He hopped in the shower last week with my son and when the water hit him he just moved to the side and continued watching. Wylie let more and more of the spray hit him, and he stayed put, getting fairly well soaked.

This is good, because I’m actually allergic to cats and am going to be washing him off a couple of times a week to reduce the dander. The first couple of sponge baths in the sink went very well. He seems to like the rubdown.

Now I need to convince him not to sleep on my head at night.

4 responses to “Pootie “Bama” takes after his namesake

  1. He’s so cute! Your blog is far from dreary – prolific, perhaps…..now please do explain why you’d like him to sleep on your head – as never having owned a cat, my mind is boggling.

  2. He’s a real snuggler. Wants to sleep under the covers against my side but I’m afraid he’ll suffocate under the covers (or I’ll squish him). When I heave him out of the bedsheets he settles on my head. Last night I heaved him out of the bedroom. He doesn’t like that.

    Right now he’s stirring up the papers on my desk, which may be the best incentive for a paper purge.

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