Proud Mama’s son now blogs provocatively on HuffPo!

Proud: adj. much pleased, filled with pride

Provocative: adj.  serving or tending to excite, or stimulate

Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all.

My older son, Ethan, best known for his design skills and business acumen, turns out to be a writer as well. In recent years he has paid his dues (and then some) in the entrepreneurial trenches. Perhaps bored with working 27 hours a day 9 days a week and 67 weeks a year, he is expanding his portfolio – into my verbose terrain.

It turns out that Jimmyjane, the design-centric sexual accessories business he launched in 2005, is a HOT company in a HOT field, so they tapped HIM (over ME) to blog at HuffPo.

Jeez, what does Arianna have against words beginning with the letter P ????

Ethan starts his first post with a visit to a local yarn shop, where business is booming – folks sittin’ and knittin’ together despite the recession. He sees this as one more indicator that in these troubled times we’re pulling back to the comforts of home and personal connection. He continues:

At Jimmyjane, we recently sent out a newsletter about holding hands, and it was among our most popular this year. Though the delivery was tongue-in-cheek, the sentiment is genuine — let’s get back to basics. Our search for solid ground will have us moving from the conceptual to the tangible, from surface to substance. Nothing’s as reassuring as resting your head on a loved one’s chest, and perhaps what’s underway is a metaphoric shift from fake boobs to real bosom.

There are indications that the economic adversity we face will reinforce personal bonds, and “significant others” will redouble their significance. More than ever, emotions are running close to the surface and people are actively seeking an outlet. Interestingly, the biggest step you can take toward great sex is to improve your communication and connection with your partner, and an unexpected benefit of our uncertain times is that they conspire to strengthen both.

So if, in the turmoil of the coming months you’re wondering about the quality of the sex going on in your neighborhood, stop by your local knitting shop. Nothing says love like a handmade scarf, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot of them this holiday.

What America needs is a return to the tactile, a grounding in the present, and an emphasis on connection. Is our nation vulnerable right now? Absolutely. And vulnerability is one of the most important contributions you can bring to any relationship.

So, knit one, purl two, and let’s get back to love.

I have a problem. I knit, and a lotta good it’s done me in the love department.  Ethan???

P.S. When you check out the Jimmyjane website, you can browse the more explicit products on your own. However I will point you to and heartily endorse the candles that melt into massage oil and the Threesome essential oil fragrances.  Ethan spent months personally blending and testing unusual essential oils and natural fragrances and these are totally fabulous. (I was a sniff-tester too!)  In the candles, my favorite fragrance is Habanero-Grapefruit – it’s not at all like the cheesy gift shop candles.  Brits: you can get the stuff at Selfridge’s!

P.P.S.  If you’ve ever wondered why I’ve never blogged about xenises, or xornography, even though they begin with P,  it’s because the one time I used a suggestive title to write about my first computer (titled Peculiar Passion: my Vector Graphics Computer) I got INUNDATED with unspeakable spam.

5 responses to “Proud Mama’s son now blogs provocatively on HuffPo!

  1. Such an enjoyable post – impressive apple you have there – his writing equates with yours, in that it is patently cerebral, without being complacent. No wonder you’re puffed up with pride.

    ‘Xenises’ and ‘xornography’ have been added to my dictionary.

  2. Hey….I’m a knitter too…and also sadly remiss in the love department. If Ethan does tell you what the secret is, please share!!
    (What sort of stuff do you knit? And how do you feng shui manage your stash?)

  3. The knitting thing is probably worth a post, maybe on purling? I knit seasonally, usually prompted by passing a knit shop. I can’t resist the glorious colors and textures. In recent years I’ve been into scarves – they’re quick and make great gifts.

  4. It’s a happy apple indeed that lands close to this tree. While the nature/nurture debate may continue indefinitely, when you’ve got both the genes and the mentorship, you’re not going to roll far from the roots.

    I remember the Vector computer well, and certainly shared the passion. Beginning my “word processing” in seventh grade (remedial these days, revolutionary then) has had a lasting impact on my approach to writing… and undoubtedly on yours as well, Ma. Come to think of it — perhaps that’s the taller tree that neither of us fall far from?

  5. Aw shucks.

    With apples like you, an apple tree has to stand tall and proud. Now if one of fruits would just get rich enough to support me in my dotage (or find me that sugar daddy to do same), I’d consider any debts repaid.