Possessed shoppers poleax Wal-Mart employee

Possessed: v. urgently desirous to do or have something, influenced or controlled by something (as an evil spirit, a passion, or an idea), crazed

Poleaxed: v. to attack, strike, or fell as if with a battle ax (poleax)

What have we come to as a society, when holiday shoppers are so anxious for a bargain that they will trample a store employee to death? We’re not talking about starving people rampaging for food.

These folks are rampaging for CRAP – cheesy gifts for their loved ones who are already paralyzed by having more toys than they can ever use.

From today’s paper:

At 4:55 a.m., just five minutes before the doors were set to open, a crowd of 2,000 anxious shoppers started pushing, shoving and piling against the locked sliding glass doors of the Wal-Mart in Valley Stream, N.Y., Nassau County police said. The shoppers broke the doors off their hinges and surged in, toppling a 34-year-old temporary employee, Jdimypai Damour, 34, of Jamaica, Queens, who had been waiting with other workers in the store’s entryway.People did not stop to help the employee as he lay on the ground, and they pushed against other Wal-Mart workers who were trying to aid Mr. Damour. The crowd kept running into the store even after the police arrived, jostling and pushing officers who were trying to perform CPR, the police said.

“They were like a stampede,” said Nassau Det. Lt. Michael Fleming. “Hundreds of people walked past him, over him or around him.”

My heart breaks for this young man’s family.

This Christmas my family is giving nothing or just regifting for the adults. The two grandkids will get a couple of things, but mostly we’ll be doing stuff together. None of us needs anything.

What are you doing?

3 responses to “Possessed shoppers poleax Wal-Mart employee

  1. The part I just cannot fathom is how these people went on to shop after this. I think each and every one of them should have been arrested, hauled off to jail, and, if not charged with anything, at least left to sit in jail overnight, perhaps thinking about what they’d just done.
    We spend Christmas Eve together, before church services, with everyone bringing ‘nibbles’. The young children get gifts. I am working on a ‘non-gift’ for my siblings/parents, if I can get it figured out. A family calendar, all the family significant days filled in, and pictures of everyone’s front doors facing the calendar pages.

  2. Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of re-gifting. I’ve got boxes of books saved from my kids (that and their drawings and photos). It’s about time to move that stuff along to them.

  3. Wonderful: you’re giving them the gift of time and memory!