A Prompt to Perusers: proffer your comments, please…

Prompt: n. something that reminds or incites to action

Peruse: v. to browse, to look over casually; to read carefully

Proffer: v.t.  to offer up or present for acceptance

Dear Perusers, Passersby, Lurkers and Regular Readers,

WordPress has a clever way of keeping track of how many folks visit a blog, which posts they looked at, which terms they used to find the blog or post, and which links intrigued them enough to link through.

So I know you’re out there. I know you stop by.

Some of you are friends and family, but most of you are total strangers. A couple of those who started as strangers comment often enough that I now think of them as real friends, and that feels really good.

I started “365 Words that Begin with P” to trick myself into a regular writing practice.  (The posts listed here will explain why “P”, etc.) I said that I didn’t care if folks read or commented on what I wrote because that wasn’t the point.

But evidently I lied. I do care.

Since April 6, 2008 I’ve written 292 posts, a number that astounds me (and yet hundreds of great P-words still remain untouched!). I’m having lots of fun.

Now I’d like to hear what’s on YOUR mind. Your favorite P-words and why. Your problems with practice productivity priorities people politics passion perseverence parenting pickles poodles or parsnips.

I have my own favorite posts, but they’re not reflected in in the WordPress stats, which are driven by what people are searching for or being linked to from a popular blog.  Mention a political controversy (all things Palin) or a celebrity (Randy Pausch and Paul Newman – both Unitarians who died recently) and I get LOTS of hits. Mention something of interest to ME (prunes, packrats, plethora) and maybe a hundred take a peek. Though who knew that a hundred people a month would want to read Patron – about the older men in top hats lurking/leering just offstage in the paintings of Degas and Fourain  (students googling “Degas” in preparation for a paper?).

So… in the new year, indulge me by commenting every now and then. I promise I’ll comment back. Let’s have more of a conversation!

8 responses to “A Prompt to Perusers: proffer your comments, please…

  1. One suggestion: the cloud tag is nice, but would it be possible for you to add a archive section? After I started reading your blog regularly, I wanted to read some earlier posts, and had to do some fiddling with the address bar to take some leaps back. I imagine there are others who, on finding an interesting blog post, want to know if this one good post is a fluke or standard for this writer (for the record, I’d have to say you have no ‘flukes’ about you).

  2. Great “practicing” concept, and brilliant execution. Two thumbs up!

  3. Be Prudent about what you wish for.

    Paul Newman is an absolute favourite of mine, together with perseverance, passion, persistence and protector.

    Parsnips I find particularly putrid, along with most politicians.

  4. Thanks William. Hope you visit again.

  5. Susan, I have no flukes about me because fluke doesn’t begin with P, unless you spell it phluke.

    But even then I’ve limited myself to bilabial plosive Ps, which means no Ps that sound like F (phooey), S (psoriasis), T (ptarmigan), or N (pneumatic).

  6. Splodge – I’m going to have to come up with in irresistable parsnip recipe for you. They’re really quite tasty…

  7. bonsoir from piggy paradise! (^(oo)^)/”

    PREPOSTEROUS! preposterous, i say! i love that word . . . just the sound of it gets me feeling all self-righteously indignant!

    my very dear friend, panda, often accompanies me on leisure trips, thus resulting in productions like:

    piggy plus panda: pilgrimage to paris;
    piggy plus panda’s prêt- à-porter pictoral;
    piggy-bounce “panda”-monium

    other random favourite p-words, in no particular order:
    perturbed, perchance, partake, peradventure, porosus, parsimonious, perpetual, Pigalle, participatory, post haste, pâtisserie, pouf, paisley, Puiforcat, porcine, panther, pari passu, Per Se, postprandial,

  8. Piggy, are you pandering to my predilection for P words with your profuse offering? So many great words! Thanks… you’ve perturbed me with your porcine participation.