Pootie Pix II: Bama the cool cat

Pootie: n. cute animal, most often a cat.

Pix: n. photographs


Indulge me. I posted a photo of my cat Gobama (Bama for short) back when I got him at the Humane Society in October. In honor of his namesake I share more today.

Bama is nine months old and looks black only at a distance. In good light he is mink brown. He has turned out to be as cool a cat as his namesake – smart, friendly, confident, curious, open-hearted.  And as beautiful.


Below he rides on my son’s shoulders as he helps me with winter yardwork, and at the bottom, says “Waaasaaaahhhh” in response to the dog”s arrival in the room.



One response to “Pootie Pix II: Bama the cool cat

  1. Great pictures – particularly the top one.