Pwned by family: Project renamed Operation Silver Fox

Pwn: v. Pwn is a slang term from Internet gaming, derived from the word “own”, that implies domination or humiliation of a rival (or in this case a parent)

My children have informed me that I am not to seek a sugar daddy (see yesterday’s post on this important topic).  And I have to admit their reasoning is sound.

#2 Son says:

a Sugar Daddy is a fat dude wearing a gold chain at a strip club who exchanges goods (da monies) for services (da sexytime).  This is not the image I want to have of my mother.

When he puts it like that, I definitely get the point. Yuck. Gold chain! Probably wears a pinky ring too. Double yuck. OK – scratch Operation Sugar Daddy. It hadn’t exactly gotten off the ground anyway.

If I’m going to embark on this mission, they say I should shoot for a more positive name, like “Operation Silver Fox”. Son #2 continues:

…Think silver fox, Mom. Think Sean Connery, Robert Redford, Richard Gere…

Richard Gere! Now we’re talkin’  – and he can even dance! Who cares if he knows which end of a hammer to use on a nail.

Operation Silver Fox it is.

Even with this name change, my daughter isn’t convinced that my eggs are in the right basket. I think she wants me to reduce expenses – sell the house and move into a mud hut.  In all fairness, she’s got a right to be wary – her 80- year-old mother-in-law has been living with them for five years and probably won’t be leaving except on a litter.

But she’s willing to play along for awhile if I put some thinking in to how I’ll brand and market myself.

“What’s your strategic plan, Mom?” she asks.

I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

5 responses to “Pwned by family: Project renamed Operation Silver Fox

  1. Priceless! – your so funny! I’m not very keen on Sean Connery or Richard Gere.

    You’ll have to go to the same places as these silver foxes so that you can mingle – easier said than done, I know. Have you considered a wealthy toy boy?

    I had an American Culture-Daddy (my boss) during my days as a P.A. at Esso Europe, London. He took me to the theater, opera, Henley Regatta, expensive restaurants et al. This was with his wifes’ full permission whenever she was away – she knew he hated going out on his own but hated even more to stay at home alone. Also, he was 60 plus, I was in my twenties and a good friend of hers.

  2. Toy boy sounds good.
    IMHO your boss’s wife was crazy to condone her husband’s behaviour. It would not have been the first time that a lovely youth stole the heart of a duffer and he threw caution to the wind to pursue her. But maybe you’re so ugly and dull that wifey knew you’d be no threat. (This I doubt!).

  3. He-he! Although I eventually discovered that HE would have liked to take it further – she knew that I would not.

    One reason is that I was being simultaneously pursued by several wealthy buff men at the time. Then I lost my heart to a poor one!

  4. Splodge – you are to be commended for your restraint. I still think boss’s wife was a fool.

    Here’s my problem, all the wealthy (and even the poor) silver foxes want a woman twenty years younger than they are.

    At my age I’m NOT interested in a man 20 years older than me – I’d just end up changing his diaper, and 3 kids-worth of diapers completely cured me of that habit.

  5. I’m sure there are a plethora of silver foxes reading this blog. They must be shy.