Painting pooties, or pooties painting?

Paint: v. to apply a pigment liquid to a surface; to decorate or adorn a surface with color and/or lines

Pooties: n. they’re still cute cats.

My blog friend Splodge responded to my poodle coiffure post with several pictures of cats, painted in all sorts of fabulous ways – like this:




Hands-down, my favorite is the retreating cat/clown. Particularly the bow-tie, which says it all.

The first question that comes to mind is how in hell did anyone get a cat to sit still enough to paint every hair so carefully? And as commentator Splodge noted, the cat would produce a helluva colorful hairball.

The painted cats reminded me of the wonderfully fanciful bestseller of a few years ago, called Why Cats Paint by Burton Silver and Heather Busch – written in the style of art conoisseurs:

Turns out, since Busch and Silver were on a money-making roll, with tongues firmly planted in cheek, they decided to take their photography and photo-shopping skills even further, and produced a book call Why Paint Cats.

Both books are so well done you can’t quite tell if they’re putting you on.

Update: Thanks to sharp-eyed reader Susan, it appears Busch and Silver have now created an online presence with the Museum of Non-Primate Art, which goes beyond cat art to include Bird Art, with scientific descriptions of the various shapes taken by bird poop as it lands, and an upcoming exhibit called “Hanks & Coils.The Shaping and Placement of Canine Defecatory Structures.”

Which circles us back to another fine P-word: POOP.

5 responses to “Painting pooties, or pooties painting?

  1. Ok. I can imagine cats painting. Sort of a blend of Jackson Pollack and Van Gogh. And the cats with stars and moons really look natural. But the other two: someone has way too much time on their hands.

  2. Why Cats Paint is quite brilliant. It’s one of the books my son rescued from the stack I intended to sell back to Powell’s.

    According to Snopes, the cats are done in PhotoShop, not with paint. No self-respecting cat would stand for it.

  3. I’m imagining a claymation movie: like Chicken Run or Wallace & Gromit: with cat painters, trudging about the country side, with their little paint sets. Can’t you just see Salvador Dhowli as a great big black and white cat with long whiskers? Or Meow C Escher doing paintings of rats turning into fishes and back again?

  4. Now that you’ve explained that the authors had their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks – all becomes clear. I read your blog, ergo I become educated.

    It’s a shame that my email didn’t contain an explanation or a link to the books. If the cats had been painted, even using non-toxic vegetable dyes, can you imagine the technicolor hairballs that you’d have to clean up?

  5. here’s a link to the Museum of Non Primate Art homepage: with sections on painting on,painting by, and dancing with cats. And ‘bird art’.
    Thank you very much, both of you, as I will now return to that site and waste much time giggling and laughing hysterically.