Pepper grinder, Poop, & Plastic bags: Lego Art

I’ve done P-word posts on Poop, Plastic, and Productivity thru Legos, but thanks to a fantastic illustrated column in today’s NY Times by graphic designer Christoph Niemann, I can bring them all together in one blog entry – and throw in Pepper grinders for good measure:

lego pepper grinder by Christoph Niemann

Totally captures the absurd sizes of the pepper grinders some waiters wield!

lego plastic bag by Christoph Niemann

I saw altogether too many of these in Cambodian trees last year (and everywhere else as well).

poop stepping by Christoph Niemann

One use for those plastic baggies – scooping poop.

Just one more example of why Legos are such a terrific toy. See the whole thing: I Lego NY.   Maybe he’ll use Play-Doh for his next contribution.

3 responses to “Pepper grinder, Poop, & Plastic bags: Lego Art

  1. If you like Eddie Izzard or Star Wars, check out the Lego version of Izzard’s monologue on Darth Vader in the Death Star canteen. (and if you like Star Wars, check out the Numa Numa song version with Yoda)

  2. Simply hilarious! So simple it’s genius! Thanks for my first smile of the day.

  3. Niemann has a unique graphic style – as far as I know this is his first foray into Legomania, but poke around on his website (click his name above) to see lots of his other work.

    Some is pretty dark.