Prurient Prevarication: Fox News

Prurient: adj. marked by, arousing or appealing to sexual desire

Prevarication: n. “deviation” from the truth; a lie

The GOP “news” arm, Fox, is having a field day with the stimulus bill. (I could have done a whole P-post on their new talking point word “porkulus” but it reminded me too much of the gag-worthy Rush Limbaugh.)

The current porkulus lie began in Bobby Jindal’s pathetic response to Obama’s speech last week in which he claimed the bill included $8 billion for a mag-lev train from Disneyland to Las Vegas.

There is no such train project in the bill, but Fox liked the pleasure-seeking images it conjured up, inserted some prurient imagination and ran with their addition to the story: not only did the train run from Disneyland to Nevada; it ran directly to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel !!! Wow!! (The ranch is actually 422 miles further.)

Here’s how Fox played the story (I especially loved the display of long female legs at the end, in conjunction with the chuckles over a “stimulus package”….)

Watch it here

2 responses to “Prurient Prevarication: Fox News

  1. They still believe that if you tell the same lies over and over again, some people will believe them. Unfortunately, lots of times they’re right.

  2. Clarification: they’re right about people believing the lies.