Proxy post: PMS

Proxy: n. a person authorized to act for another
Post: n. a blog entry, like this.

My computer is on the fritz again, causing me shit fits – it’s a Windows boot issue, and though most of my data is backed up, the two files I’m presently working on are NOT and one I have to reconstruct by tomorrow. So….

I’m resorting to using a post sent to me by fengshuibyfishgirl
, a fellow WordPress blogger and feng shui practitioner. She is my proxy today while I hyperventilate and hurl dog turds and bad language at my computer.

She sends these definitions of PMS:

10  Things PMS Stands For:

1.  Pass My Shotgun
2.  Psychotic Mood Shift
3.  Perpetual Munching Spree
4.  Puffy Mid-Section
5.  People Make me Sick
6.  Provide Me Sweets
7.  Pardon My Sobbing
8.  Pimples May Surface
9.  Pass My Sweatpants
10.  Pitiful Mood Syndrome

I’ll take 2 aspirin and feel better in the morning. Grrrrrrr.

4 responses to “Proxy post: PMS

  1. Good luck with the computer issue. There are definitely days when the time spent fixing them outweighs the time saved using them.

  2. I highly recommend you get yourself a Mac Mini. They start at $599 and you can use your own monitor so that debunks the “macs are too expensive” theory. I don’t have any of the problems PC users have and I’ve been a Mac user forever.

  3. Katy – Thanks for the great suggestion! The Mini just might be the perfect downsized machine for me… not a bad price either – and I like that I could use my existing peripherals.

    I can’t believe I’m thinking about a Mac – I’ve been an under-the-hood PC user (have built and ungraded more machines than I can count) since the mid-80s and before that I had the amazing Vector Graphics – a CPM machine.

    But life is too short and space gonna be too small to maintain my big honkin’ PC habit.

  4. Periculous Maledicent Stentor

    Means dangerous cursing loud-voiced person according to this website:

    Hope you get the computer problem sorted – when they’re broken, makes one realise how much we depend on them.