Performance: n. the execution of an action; a public presentation

Gotta love this seemingly  impromptu song and dance number at the train station in Antwerp.  And Julie Andrews’  voice still gives me chills.

At least this made a big enough splash to get passersby attention. When Joshua Bell played in a Washington Metro station last year, very few even turned their heads! Unbelievable – he’s one of the world’s finest vioinists.

2 responses to “Performance

  1. Looks like fun – we recently had a similar thing in the UK as a mobile ‘phone advert – began with Lulu singing.

    Totally agree about Julie Andrew’s crystal clear voice, I was covered in goose bumps listening to that.

  2. Thanks for that – how fun! I think it started with a group called Improv Everywhere. We need more of that… So happy. So irreverant.