A Pounding Performance: Portland Taiko!

Pounding: adj. a beating, as in with fists or sticks

Performance: n. a public presentation

Portland: n. the wonderful city across the Columbia River from where I live

Went to see Portland Taiko Saturday night. Taiko is both a particular kind of large two-ended traditional Japanese drum, and the drumming performance style.

It’s exuberant, energetic, exciting and athletically balletic. The drummers whack away with grand gestures that look like a lot of fun to execute – and like any feelings of distress or aggression they might have harbored before they picked up their long sticks would disperse quickly.

If you’ve never seen a taiko group, here’s an example:

One response to “A Pounding Performance: Portland Taiko!

  1. Mary Sohlstrom

    Interesting, but not my kind of music! I remember when Wiley played for us at a birthday celebration when he was just learning. Was amazed at how quickly he was able to make such lovely music so soon, so young.
    Mama bought me a piano when I was about 12 — sure I would become a virtuoso(sp). Vain hope. No talent. No ability to concentrate long enough to practice. We sold it for $600 in 1945 and bought our first car with the proceeds – a 1936 DeSoto coupe that had made it through WWII to give us years of service ’til it was replaced by a 1952 English Anglia sedan that would hold kids. Paid $800 for it. Some memories are more fun than others.