President Peter: Rev. Morales heads UUA

President: n. leader of an organization – by election, appointment or personal decision

Peter: n. my old friend Rev. Peter Morales

Rev. Peter Morales, UUA President!

Just returned from Salt Lake City, where a couple thousand Unitarian Universalists from around the country convened for their/our annual General Assembly or GA. Although the workshops, talks, worship services and meet-greets are always worthwhile, this year I went to pimp for Peter – working on the campaign to elect him president of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

And he won! Decisively – with 58% of the votes. I call him “Pope Peter”.  (“President”  is the closest UUs get to pontiff status.)

A combination of factors that led to his victory, IMHO:

  • A clearly articulated platform, with specific goals
  • An opponent whose platform was fuzzy and vaguely stated
  • A richly varied background of multicultural experience ( including in the business world), world travel, education, success
  • Skillful ease with public speaking – without notes
  • Personal charm and sense of humor

I was particularly invested in the campaign because it was I who first brought Peter and his family to a UU church in 1994. The exposure took, and the rest is history.

Now the real work begins. Ours is a venerable but TINY denomination, not natively given to evangelism. Either we grow in numbers and presence or watch ourselves become an interesting footnote in American religious and intellectual history.  The budget has been slashed by 20%.  So whatever gets done, must be done with less.

I send him white light…

2 responses to “President Peter: Rev. Morales heads UUA

  1. Mary Sohlstrom

    Good on you! I shall watch with interest as we see if Peter can pull a rabbit out of the hat. Our congregation gains and loses a like number each year. We talk about two services on Sunday – the parking lot is full to overflowing and there are few empty seats, but we are still in the “We’ll discuss it.” mode. Bull feathers! Haven’t figured out after nearly 10 years how to jar this group into action. It’s still business as usual and the ‘old guard’ drags its feet and the ‘young ones’ lack the moxey to challenge them. I think our new pres. Phil Carver was at GA. I hope he was listening!

  2. Some of our long-time, most faithful members are our worst enemies. “I got mine” so who cares about the next generation???