The Poop on P-Words

I’m a woman who’s old enough to know that if you want to master a skill, it takes practice, practice, practice.  Unfortunately, I resist the regular practice of anything, even though everything I value demands it: writing, public speaking, playing guitar,  feng shui,  meditation, yoga ….

My problem: how to propel myself towards a writing practice? WordPress to the rescue!!  Pontificate publicly and prolifically on a blog — which I’ve now been doing since April 2008.  I love words, especially ones that begin with the letter P. By limiting my daily practice to P words,  the task has become more manageable and fun.  If you don’t think P is a fun letter, be sure to watch the Muppets sing about P.

To get up to speed quickly on 365PWords, check out:

  • Why P? describing why I started this blog and why I’m focusing on words beginning with P.
  • All about the letter P – about the phonetic attributes of the letter P and why I’m excluding certain words that technically begin with P but just don’t turn me on.
  • Or, perhaps most expediently, you can click on the category “P-Why?” and all these explanations will come up. Read from the bottom up.

Please please please, proffer your comments. I promise to respond.

Here goes.  You’re welcome to join the fun.

PS. In my working life I’m a color and feng shui consultant at Joyful Spaces in the Portland/Vancouver metro area.


8 responses to “The Poop on P-Words

  1. What’s your stuck place?

  2. I had a dream about P-words last night —– before I was aware of your blog BTW —- modifying words that began with “P” were slowly but relentlessly evaporating from all dictionaries and on-line word sites, some were even dissipating as I watched. I had a very restless and disturbing sleep.

    A sincere and envious “Thank you” for your blog. I love it!

  3. margotmarrakesh

    Your goals sound similar to mine. I wanted to make regular time for my writing (for which I had NO time). I started three blogs last year, and have managed to find time to keep all three going (on different subjects). I’m sure you’ll find the same thing I did – by having a blog, and the need to post, it WILL help you find a regular time to start writing. Good luck!

    Margot, in Marrakesh

  4. Today at a seminar your friend Paul mentioned your blog. I thought I would check it out and I LOVE it. What and awesome idea. I especially love your goal to write daily. I have found that harder to do as I have continued my blog for the past year and a half. Thank you for your sense of humor and honesty. I can’t wait to read more.

    Linda Cohen

  5. Thank you for your kind comments. It’s great to hear from a Toastmaster. I enjoy your P-filled blog!

  6. Interesting concept to choose ‘p’ as a theme. I am also enjoying the challenge of writing regularly. The blog world has become quite addictive and a wonderful motivator.

  7. I was looking for words that begin with the letter P for the toddler’s I work with as a Developmental Therapist. I loved your web-site. Piping Good Hot!!

  8. Thanks Cassie – I hope you enjoyed the Muppets singing about P too.
    Try pusillanimous on those toddlers. Oh wait. I haven’t used that word yet…

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