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Parlez-vous anglais?

Parlez-vous ____? = Do you speak (English? Urdu? Mandarin?…)

En français, this is what you ask a stranger when you need desperately to get an answer to a question you do not know how to frame in French. I may be doing that a lot in the next few weeks.

I haven’t posted on this blog for some time, but since you’ve landed here, you might check out where I am right now: French Immersion over 70. And where I am when I’m home in Portland, helping people choose beautiful colors for their homes, Joyful Spaces.

Pick ME!

Hollytas asks how I’ll pick words out of such a plethora of opportunity…

I have about a dozen words that are calling out to me right now, and many many more in the stable.

I once took a poetry writing workshop with a wonderful teacher named Cassandra Sagan. She told us when an idea began to percolate up to consciousness, if it was a good one it would POP! And if it POPped, we should sit right down and pin it to paper while it was still bubbling furiously.

I’ve lost many a good idea to procrastination, but the ones I’ve captured when they POP are invariably full of life. So that will be my technique. Have a stableful of P words, but if a different word POPs (pick me! PICK ME!) I’m going to go with it.