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Polling places: endangered species?

Poll: n. the place where votes are cast or recorded —usually used in plural (polls or polling place).

When my kids were young they always went to vote with me at the neighborhood elementary school or fire station. They were thrilled to punch, poke,  or pull levers with me in the Secret Booth.

My youngest son has lived in LA since he came of voting age, but never changed his voter registration from  Washington State because he figured his vote would count for more here. For six years I forwarded him an absentee ballot.

Now he is back at home and is all excited about this most important election. He was especially looking forward to having his own Grownup Voting Booth Experience.  When he learned we have switched to vote by mail here in Clark County he was truly crushed.

I too really miss going to my polling place, chatting with my neighbors, and observing the meticulousness with which the dear little ladies who work the polls each year checked my signature and handed me my sacred ballot. It was a special event. We never even had to wait in long lines – perhaps because I live in an area where nobody wants to suppress the vote of my class of people.

Fortunately, my grandkids in Oakland were able to have the old fashioned experience today with my daughter. Here they are, triumphantly emerging from the booth: