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Perseverance #3

I went for a walk along the Salmon Creek trail this morning. In the month since I was last there Mother Nature has been hard at work. She hath made the plants to grow tall, the trees to leaf out, the creek to rise to new heights and the beavers to get very busy.

The creek conservation team had planted a slew of baby trees along the streambed to improve habitat for fish, carefully encasing each one in a plastic sleeve because the beavers were chewing them down as fast as they could plant them.

The beavers have obviously refused to take NO for an answer. The heck with saplings, they’re going after the big guys. As you can see, they’ve felled quite a few and are chomping away on a really big one (nearly 2 feet across, though it’s hard to tell in the picture) like it was nothing.

This is perseverance. Which I also wrote about here.