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Paper and pooties don’t mix

Paper: n. a felted sheet of (usually) vegetable fibers laid down on a fine screen from a water suspension

Pootie: n. slang name for cute pets, cats especially

In this case, the paper is of the soft fluffy variety used to wipe your butt, or when tissue is unavailable, a runny nose.

There’s a lot to say about toilet paper – and recently the New York Times did a long article about how environmentally UNfriendly the toilet paper most Americans use is – and to suggest that recycled toilet paper is the way to go.

But I’m speaking only peripherally about sustainability – the sustainability of using soft fluffy rolls of paper in my house at all.

It’s about my cat, Bama.

First he discovered paper towels and chewed his way through a couple of rolls before I hid it in the kitchen cupboard and put out extra cloth towels. Thwarted, he moved into the bathroom.

I was almost asleep a few nights ago when I heard a strange sound coming from the direction of the bathroom, which I can’t begin to describe, but since I knew I was the only one at home it was very alarming.

This is what I saw when I opened the door:

"Oh, hi!"

"Oh, hi!"

"Excuse me, I've got an itch... are you upset or something?"

"Excuse me, I've got an itch... are you upset or something?"

I left the room to replace my camera battery and caught this…

“Not quite as exciting as a mousie, but I’ll pretend…” "Not quite as exciting as a mousie, but I'll pretend..."
"My precious..."

"My precious..."

There are all sorts of videos on YouTube of this phenomenon (search for “cats and toilet paper”) but the one I’d like to direct Bama’s attention to is this one, where the cat has learned to poop in the toilet first. Having just changed yet another stinky litterbox I’m all for toilet training. All I need is time and PATIENCE…

Pootie Pix II: Bama the cool cat

Pootie: n. cute animal, most often a cat.

Pix: n. photographs


Indulge me. I posted a photo of my cat Gobama (Bama for short) back when I got him at the Humane Society in October. In honor of his namesake I share more today.

Bama is nine months old and looks black only at a distance. In good light he is mink brown. He has turned out to be as cool a cat as his namesake – smart, friendly, confident, curious, open-hearted.  And as beautiful.


Below he rides on my son’s shoulders as he helps me with winter yardwork, and at the bottom, says “Waaasaaaahhhh” in response to the dog”s arrival in the room.



Pootie pix: better than politics!

Pootie: n. an adorable animal, most often a cat or kitten, but sometimes a cute dog.

Pix: n: abbreviation for pictures

My son tells me I shouldn’t have taken on a new kitty – adopting on the rebound, so to speak – so soon after Fritz’s death a couple of weeks ago. But Fritz was always more his cat than mine, and most of the time Fritz was nobody’s cat at all. He allowed you to be his best buddy only at night, and only on his own terms.

So last Thursday I swung by the Humane Society, ostensibly to see if they’d like the remainder of my bag of Expensive Mature Cat Food. And, heheh, just to take a peek at what they had in stock.

I confess here to being a sucker for sleek slender black cats. My first cat was an SSBC. My daughter’s cat was an SSBC. They both were part Siamese. I’ve been a sucker for Siamese cats since Twerple, the BEST CAT EVER. For 17 years she blessed us with her dog-like trainability, loyalty, patience, and character. She even let my pre-schoolers dress her in doll clothes and wheel her in a baby carriage.  I don’t know what the breeders have done to the Siamese cat in recent years – turning them into sinister rabbit-eared collie-nosed anorexics.

Anyway, the Humane Society refused my bag of Expensive Food (it had been opened), but they did just so happen to have THREE CAGES of black kitties. Evidently folks around here are so superstitious that black cats are hard to place.

All the kitties were eager to go home with me, and reached out with their paws in hopes of snagging my undivided attention and my heart.

I chose the sleekest most elegant of them all, a small male with a calm friendly demeanor. Because he just turned 6 months old, he was “on sale” – $30 off, and because it was Thursday (?), he was $35 more off. So he cost $26.50 which included neutering, micro-chipping, his first shots, and a license. Such a deal!

He has been home with us since Friday noon and has already made total peace with my standard poodle Molly, explored the house from top to bottom, allowed my son to give him a bath and cut his nails without any fuss, turned over several wastebaskets seeking playthings, fallen in the toilet, and generally won us over. He’s a happy lap cat.

And what is his name??? Gobama!   “Bama” for short.

I still haven’t gotten a decent picture of him but I found one online that looks very much like him, though of course he’s more beautiful…  And of course his collar is blue, not red.