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Planning – a prerequisite for profit

Plan: a detailed scheme, program or method worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective.

Prerequisite: required as a prior condition to something

Profit: the positive return on a business enterprise after expenses have been paid

I have been doing feng shui and color consultations as a sideline since 2002 and it recently dawned on me to put some effort into marketing my services. I’m good at what I do but have never made an effort to promote what I do beyond a smallish sphere.

This morning I had coffee with a guy who had seen an article I’d written for the local paper and figured we should meet because he does organizing. I wouldn’t know how good he is at this, but he did share that he’d gotten a lot of help from the gal at the Small Business Development Center in town – a FREE service of Washington State University. (Who knew???) He suggested I call her.

First I looked up the SBDC on the web and right there they list the 15 essential steps to creating a solid business plan.

Business plan???? I’m an Artist.

Perhaps I should consider my business a bit more seriously, ya think?