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Puritan pudding: pablum for Palindigestion

I am Palined out.  McCain’s choice for VP is so craven that I’ve been frothing since Friday. I’m DONE with her. I hope she hangs herself on her own inexperience and shallowness.

I needed to self-soothe, something that often involves chocolate. But all I had in the house was cocoa powder.   Then I remembered chocolate pudding, that most soothing of things chocolate.

When my kids were little I used to make chocolate pudding from my old Joy of Cooking.  That treasure fell apart and I replaced it with the much hipper newest edition. (This was a mistake, as hip recipes are everywhere – it’s the standbys I still want, like pickled beets and currant jelly, or how to pluck a chicken – but they’re gone now.)

The chocolate pudding recipe in the new edition is still really easy, but instead of milk, it uses half and half.

Half and half !  I want soothing, not SIN.  Besides, I don’t stock half and half.
I used milk and a small dab of butter as a concession to my Dionysian impulses.

I can only bear to let it cool long enough to form a skin on top, which is my favorite part of pudding.  Mmmm mmm.

If Palin politics make you dyspeptic, try the pudding cure.  It works.