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Petals: n. part of the corolla of a flower, often brightly colored.

My tulips are spectacular right now. Here they are amassed:

Tulips - Daydream, Silverstream and others

Tulips - mainly Daydream & Silverstream - (anenomes behind)

And here are some petals that fell off a tired arrangement:




What happens when you love color on your walls is you paint them fairly often. You also paint every room a different color. And you paint the exterior of your house with four different colors.

This makes you very very happy. And when guests enter your house for the first time, it makes them happy too.

What happens when you’re into paint is that you accumulate a lot of it. Gallons and gallons. Such fabulous paint that many of these canfuls, which are as much as six years old, are still in excellent condition. Professional painters always over-estimate how much you’ll need…

Probably I should hold onto a quart of each color, just in case a squirrel chews through a wall (heaven forbid!) and I have to patch it up. But what to do with all this paint?

I have a friend with a new home coming over this afternoon for color inspiration. I bet she’d like a couple of gallons.


One of the websites nominated for a Webby award is run by a guy who lives in the Portland area. It’s called www.colourlovers.com – but watch out, because if you’re a color lover (as I am), you can get lost there (as I did).

Using their tools you can create millions palettes of five colors, and/or you can take a photograph or graphic and extract five of the colors from it. I stumbled on a blog entry there which extracted the palettes from about ten gorgeous closeups of various stapeliad flowers. Check it out!Kathi\'s cabbage

I tried it myself, uploading a photo I took last fall in my friend Kathi’s vegetable garden – a cabbage nearing harvest. With their Copaso tool, I pixilated the photo and then clicked on five of the pixels that seemed to convey the cabbage’s essential colors. cabbage colors

Totally totally cool. This could be such a boon to a decorator – a client has a favorite painting and wants to pull the colors from it for wall and upholstery colors – et voilà!

Periwinkle Profusion

If P is my favorite letter, periwinkle is my favorite color. It’s the color I painted my kitchen, the color I look best in, and the color that is popping everywhere in my yard right now. You could say it was a profusion of periwinkle.

Periwinkle is a desaturated color in the blue/indigo/violet family. The name is derived from the lesser periwinkle or myrtle (Vinca minor) which bears flowers of the same color. (Don’t ask me how a flowering ground cover got named after a brown sea snail…). This enthusiastic ground cover has escaped my neighbor’s yard and is now ensconced in mine. It’s pretty in bloom, but in my area it’s considered a noxious weed – a good plant gone wild.

vinca minor

I prefer the grape hyacinth (muscari), hundreds of which march across my front yard like tiny upside-down grape clusters (and smelling like grapes if you have the nose for them – some can’t detect any fragrance). OK the photo seems overly blue for periwinkle, but periwinkle it is.

Grape hyacinth

More subtle, but no less thrilling, is the swath of anemone blanda (windflower) on my front hillside. They close up when the sun hides, but twinkle like blue stars in the Milky Way when it’s bright out. I especially love the way they cluster around my tulips.Anenome blanda and tulips

After a day like yesterday, spent indoors trying to restrain myself from dropkicking my computer out the window, it’s good to spend time with these ephemeral things of beauty.